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Citing influences including Zeppelin, Sabbath and AC/DC, Pieces of Molly is a hard rock band from Christchurch New Zealand, four guys with a mutual love for all things rock n roll. Their debut EP was released at the end of 2012, and the new, 'Pieces of Molly Vol. 2' EP is due for release early February 2018, featuring the singles 'Vultures' and 'Warlords'.


'Vultures' was released as a single in December 2015. The popular formula for rock and metal bands seems to be to add an excellent guitarist and this first track suggests that is exactly what Pieces of Molly have done.  But is it worth tuning your air guitar…? The lyrics are a tad bleak, delivered with a fierce roar, Glasgow invests them with raw emotion, but not necessarily awe-inspiring.  That said, this is a tumult of loud, heavy, intertwined guitar and bass, thunderous drum rolls and a growling vocal. There is some very tasty guitar riffage.  6/10


'Down A Hole' is a whole different affair; a clearer vocal, blistering guitars and a heavy-rock-meets-60s-hippie sound.  The guitar and bass are very heavy sounding, yet retain a bluesy quality to them, the drums more subtle yet effective, with a screaming vocal as the cream on top. The guitar solo is mind-blowing - a cherry on top of the cream. 7/10


'Road Warrior' is another guitar-led treasure.  Sabbath stumbled on the prototype for heavy metal back at the end of the Sixties, honed it to perfection in the Seventies, and influenced a whole ton of today's (and tomorrow's) musicians along the way.  Their influence on Pieces of Molly is clear to see in some of the thunderous riffs, and in the vocal style in this track. Again an impressive guitar, though not entirely original. 6/10


The slightly distorted vocal returns in 'Velvet' which adds a retro feel as well as setting the sombre, almost gloomy, atmosphere for the track. The bass is rumbling and heavy, the drums set the pace, and the guitar work is very strong.  At around 2:09 there is slight break in the riff before it starts anew, reinvigorating the sound. I love that! 7/10


'Warlords' was released as a single in December 2017 and, in my opinion, is the best track on the EP and arguably the most original and experimental song.  The riffs are mesmerising, and the rhythm section delivers an outstanding job, complimenting a high-energy, tuneful, gnarly vocal. There is something for everyone; heavy riffs, a deep, dark bass, banging drums, and a profound and dramatic guitar solo that belies the relative inexperience of the band. Along with all that, the vocal is at its best. 8/10


This young band hits you in the face with an unashamedly heavy, riff- based sound, in which there is a hint of influences from The Who, as well as Zeppelin and Sabbath.  Their allure is undeniable; their sound is one to be reckoned with. This album is certainly listenable and worth a few quid of anyone's money. 7/10



Track List: 


Down A Hole 

Road Warrior 





Ewen Glasgow - Guitar, Vocals.

Doug Stewart - Bass.

Sam Kubiak - Guitar.

Kurt Fleming - Drums.



Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/piecesofmolly/

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