PINK COCOON - Alienation (EP)



It’s great to read that ‘feedback and sustain are also necessary’ on a band’s bio. Originally conceived as a solo studio project, Pink Cocoon is primarily the work of Montreal native Zolla Marc, with a revolving door of musicians taking his compositions into the live arena. From the amp-worshipping front cover and down, the bands’ first release proper, Alienation, pays homage to the old gods, with full stacks and fuzzes aplenty.


Being the work of a 22-year-old, it’s slightly surprising how well - and how faithfully - the old ways are acknowledged. The opening seconds of ‘Help Me’ fully ingratiate the listener into the Pink Cocoon experience, with helpings of Cathedral, Dead Meadow and a dose of Aqua Nebula Oscillator roaming around in this swirl of heavy psych. The ‘doom blues’ descriptor chosen by Marc is fairly apt, though it perhaps sells the music a bit short. ‘No Control’ shares a cup with Church Of Misery and Hawkwind while Witchcraft think about making heavier records in the background.


There’s a definite space rock aspect to Alienation, and Marc’s declaration of affection for the likes of Blue Cheer leaves a healthy stain on the proceedings. Relinquishing its secrets slowly, final track ‘Child Of Death’ harbours a few shards of Bleach-era Nirvana with a length of Across Tundras thrown in. A lot of care has been put into how this record flows, and the sequencing gives the listener a proper experience from beginning to end. The longer tracks don’t drag, and considered pacing and production has resulted in a sturdy collection of material.


Few bands get it right straight out of the bricks. There’s a smattering of rough edges, with ‘Someone Out There’ being one of the more stereotypical examples of the psych/doom-indebted style of songcraft. However, given the age of the participants and the pieces’ overall grandeur, it’s not outlandish to claim that a subsequent record should easily deliver something not only very listenable, but with a high revisit-ability.


In all honesty, there’s legions of bands out there rocking loon pants while singing about wizards but it’s rare to hear a band grasp their vision so firmly this early on. Granted, it’s easy to draw on disparate influences and still stay firmly in the psych camp, but there’s more than riff worship to Pink Cocoon. Alienation is the start of a band that could genuinely build something special on these foundations, so watch and listen carefully. Grand.



Zolla Marc - Guitars/Vocals



Help Me

No Control

Old Lady At The Window

Someone Is Out There

A New Beginning

Child Of Death


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