POWER THEORY - Something Old....Something New & Something F**king Live!! From Europe

Tom Blackburne-Maze


Power Theory are a 5 piece rock band from Philadelphia in the USA. They style themselves on early 80's & NWOBHM with a touch of modern metal. 


The 5 track EP opens with "Brace for Impact" and a huge drum intro and then into the vocals. Immediately I can hear the style they refer to. Jeff Ross's powerful vocals and the guitars of Rob Ballinger and Carlos Alveros make it sound as though you are listening to a mid 80's track from Iron Maiden with a bit of a chorus from Iced Earth. More precisely, being a bit of an Iron Maiden fan myself, I would put the similarity to Maiden's 1986 "Somewhere In Time" when Bruce Dickinson had matured into the role. Jeff' vocals sound extremely similar to Bruce's mid 80's sounds. He has a good wobble in his screams. 


"Axe To Grind" again sounds very Maideny, if there is such a word, even the lyrics are similar. However there's a bit of Judas Priest added in which changes it a bit.


"Colossus" follows and again you might think you're listening to a Maiden track you had missed. Lots of lyrics about wars and battles. The riff is good and the guitars blend and fight together well. 


The 4th track is a live one called "Dark Eagle" and starts with the line "The eagle is rising". Am I going to hear a Saxon track I think and I'm not disappointed, it sounds a bit like a blend of Saxon and Maiden and again more battles and wars. 


The final track is another live one, "The Truth Shall Set You Free" and again, not to disappoint, you get another hard hitting Maideny track.


So if you like your mid 1980's Iron Maiden, Power Theory might be worth a listen. It's a decent EP and you get exactly what it says on the tin, early 80's NWOBHM. I guess they would be a great band live, they sound as though they put everything into it and are fun. So if they come to the UK at some time and you like your music in smaller venues rather than huge stadiums, I reckon they would be worth seeing. 


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