POWERFLO - Bring That Shit Back (EP)



The advent of Nu Metal is generally regarded as something of a low point in musical history. Sticking your rose tints on for that Limp Bizkit gig is now an acceptable twee curio, and the days that Spineshank and Powerman 5000 battled in the charts are behind us. 2018 then is not the right time to be fronting a group that harks back to the time of Crazy Town and wallet chains. Nevertheless, it has been decided that this is exactly what the world needs, and Powerflo are here to give your prison release party its soundtrack with Bring That Shit Back.


Let’s look at the positives. Powerflo’s membership includes Sen Dog of Cypress Hill/SX-10, Billy Graziadei from Biohazard and Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory. On paper, that doesn’t sound too bad, but this collection of songs - and the groups’ other videos - refuses to make a case for this band’s existence.


Opening with a fairy-liquid hardcore version of Bob Marley’s ‘Get Up Stand Up’, Bring That Shit Back contains the aforementioned cover, the title track - 1:30 of “we are motherf*cking Powerflo” - and six remixes of singles ‘Where I Stay’ and ‘The Grind’. Even the most ardent fan would struggle to get excited about the remixes, with the DLOW version of ‘Where I Stay’ being the most pointless and the Niveau Zero stitch-up of ‘The Grind’ taking home the dubious honour of being the best, like a botched surgery meaning you’re going to lose your foot but not your whole leg.


Prophets Of Rage showed that rap/rock still has an audience, though much of that is down to the participation of ¾’s of Rage Against The Machine. Taken as a band independent of their members’ star power and judging the music purely on its own merits, Bring That Shit Back is 3rd division in a field where only the very best can command your time. Unfathomable.


Track Listing:

Get Up Stand Up

Bring That Shit Back

Where I Stay DLOW Remix

Where I Stay Hallucinator Remix

Where I Stay Vigilante Remix

The Grind Niveau Zero Remix

The Grind Big Brother Remix

The Grind Viral Remix




Sen Dog - Vocals

Billy Graziadei - Guitar/Vocals

Christian Olde Wolbers - Bass

Roy Lozano - Guitar/Vocals

Fernando Schaefer - Drums


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