PRETTY BOY FLOYD - Public Enemies (Album)



Pretty Boy Floyd are back and reunited with their fifth studio album, Public Enemies. Featuring Kristy Majors on guitars, bass, background vocals and production duties, Steve Summers on vocals, Chad Stewart on drums & back ground vocals and Keri Kelli on background vocals. It’s clear to all those that listen that they’ve never left the heyday of the Sunset Strip.


‘Opening track S.A.T.A.’ might at first make you think the band have taken a darker turn with the pounding drums and chanting, but fear not. Pretty Boy Floyd are exactly how they have always been and how they always will be on this album. ‘Girls All Over The World’ is the biggest hitter on Public Enemies, reminiscent to that of early Motley Crue and Tigertailz smashed together. This is mainly thanks to Steve Summers early Vince Neil styled vocals. You’ll find yourself singing along to this song on the first listen, easily.


Although, it has to be noted that there does seem to be a theme of girls which runs throughout the album with tracks titled ‘High School Queen’, ‘Girls All Over The World’ and catchy closer cover of Starz ‘So Young So Bad. But from a band like Pretty Boy Floyd, would you expect any less?


The parallel to Crue isn’t just evident in the vocals, but also in guitarist Kristy Majors riffs – listen to the opener of ‘Feel The Heat’ for a perfect example of this. Although no longer the starry-eyed teenagers they once were, “armed with guitar licks and teenage angst and a will to conquer the world” this album would fool you into thinking that they were indeed a much younger band. Summers Snarl is one indicator of youth, as is their anthemic ‘We Got The Power’ singing “We’re young and Wild” alongside their cover of ‘So Young, So Bad’. The record is accented nicely by epic ballad ‘We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday’ and is absolutely a lighter in the air moment – just watch all that hairspray whilst you do it!


One thing is clear throughout – this band are about having a good time and are all about bringing the 80s to a whole new breed of young hair metal fans who weren’t there to experience it the first time around. And it should be said – there’s a market for this. With the rise of Scandinavian sleaze and festivals such as Hair Metal Heaven, HRH AOR and HRH Sleaze popping up around the UK – they might just be bang on the money with this record. A record made of pure fun and best played LOUD! The Leather Boys still know how to tear it up with their Electric Toys. If you’re looking for a trip back to your own hair metal heaven or if you missed the 80s Sunset Strip scene and want an authentic taste - then look no further, as this is the album for you. It’d be great to see these guys joining the bill at HRH Sleaze or similar festivals and hear this live.


Track listing is as follows: -


Feel The Heat

High School Queen

Girls All Over The World

American Dream

We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday

We Got The Power

Do Ya Wanna Rock

Run For Your Life

Shock The World

Paint It On

7 Minutes In Heaven

Star Chaser

So Young So Bad


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