PRETTY LITTLE ENEMY -  Second Load      (EP)

Samantha Lloyd


The self proclaimed ‘metal ABBA’ return with their second EP ‘Second Load’, a 4 track 15 minute long offering that was released on September 15th, 2017. Pretty Little Enemy is a quartet from Somerset (UK) who have created quite a following for themselves since they formed in 2015. The band are a fusion of 2 boys and 2 girls; Louise Body (vocals), Benjamin Dean (drums), Georgia Bell (guitar) and Jason Coles (bass).


‘Get a Grip’ is the first track and it’s a strong opening track for the EP. Bass is thumping and the drums hit hard, then the vocals kick in and they dominate the track. Maybe the vocals are a little too shrill for my liking, but if you like that kind of sound then this should be right up your street.


‘Collide’ has the same strong vocals, the arrangement is good and musical composition is pretty much spot on. The musicianship really shines through on this track with a combination of interesting and well written lyrics, ‘I held it all in the palm of my hand, I gripped so tight won’t let it go you don’t understand’, juxtaposed with complementary solos and drums beats to hook you in.


‘Play by the Rules’ has some nice vocal harmonies, good guitar riffs, and blistering bass lines. The guitar solo at 2:04 is good, but it’s not exactly the most complex.  Bringing the EP to a close is the final track ‘It’s all Just a Show’. The track kicks in with a great riff, booming drums, and a great rhythm accompanies by strong, uncompromising vocals. It’s a toe tapper for sure! There’s a lovely acoustic solo at the end which really brings the EP to a nice close. Definitely my favourite track on the EP without a doubt!


As a whole the EP is good, it’s not overly extravagant; it’s full of energy, and maintains pleasant harmonies throughout. However, the vocals, though strong and fierce aren’t exactly my cup of tea as I feel that Louise’s vocals are a little too shrill for my ears. Great EP though guys and girls, the musicianship here is faultless!


Track Listing:

1.      Get a Grip

2.      Collide

3.      Play by the Rules

4.      It’s all Just a Show

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