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PRIMAL FEAR are without doubt one of the best power metal rock bands around. Over twenty years of coming up with consistently spectacular melodic harmonious powerful rock songs, their new album ‘APOCALYPSE’ was released yesterday (10th August) and is their 12th Album.


Throwing you straight into the might of the album is the title track ‘Apocalypse’, an instrumental that tunes your mind into the tone before ‘New Rise’ crashes in like splintering glass, riffs rampaging and powerful fast drumming forcing the pace accompanied by the ferocity of Ralf Scheepers vocals.

‘The Ritual’ has mountains of harmonious guitars riffs, soaring screaming solos and packs a punch with the dark lyrics and key changes. It is a track that throws down the gauntlet to ‘King of Madness’ that accepts the challenge with a lighter intro which smashes into a symphonic metal clash of dramatic vocals and riffs, underpinned by Mat Sinner’s bass line that pulses through the power and into your ears.


‘Blood Sweat and Fear’ continues the break neck pace with snarling riffs and an aggressive vocal. A song full of key changes and layers of vocals, triple guitar attacks, the lyrics are catchy, especially the chorus. A keyboard orchestral opening passage followed by signature triple guitar riff begin ‘Supernova’. The track is a reprieve from the break-neck pace of the earlier songs and this is a side to Primal Fear I love. The clarity in the music, the storytelling lyrics, and the riffs give me goose-bumps. It’s the clarity of the guitars, the intricacy of the interwoven guitar harmonies, it’s a complex track excellently produced.

A solo guitar which is filled out as the harmonies kick in begins ‘Hail To The Fear’. I like this track, it’s very dramatic, very Primal Fear. Nice guitar solos throughout with a powerful feeling steady drum beat. It’s very classic Primal Fear.


‘Hounds of Fear’ distorted guitar opening, picking up the pace and repeated riffs. It is not as epic feeling as the other tracks and not as memorable but still a solid track. ‘The Beast’ drags you away from the hounds as it lures you back to the multi layers of melodic hard rock. This one has a perfect chorus in the catchy ear worm lyric stakes. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ builds in its intensity, the vocal riding high above the melding of the music. Slogging drums keep the tempo while the words and guitars flow around the pace, interlacing their riffs around each other before the symphonic passages throw weight into the mix. A cleverly arranged power packed symphony of sound brings in pace changes which turns up the rating to maximum in the song of the album stakes for me.


‘Cannonball’ blasts all the previous tracks out of your ears with its ferocity and nimble guitar work. Very much a signature feeling Primal Fear sound complete with a clear soaring solo to match Scheeper’s scream. A really solid way to close the album.


First listen to the album flooded my ears and brain totally and the complexity flowed over just giving me the vibe that this was a really good album from Primal Fear but I listened again and then couldn’t stop listening. Each time I heard more of the drama, more of the cleverness of the arrangements, the guitars are just incredible. A band whose members know how to play without doubt but also know how to complement each-others playing. There is no doubting Ralf Scheepers voice, it has always been powerful, versatile and full of dramatic expression key to what makes Primal Fear so special, but this is a really well written and produced album. A symphony of metal, hard rock marvellousness.

Treat your ears and buy it.




New Rise

The Ritual

King Of Madness

Blood, Sweat, & Fear


Hail To The Fear

Hounds Of Justice

The Beast

Eye Of The Storm


Fight Against Evil (Bonus Track – Deluxe Version)

Into The Fire (Bonus Track – Deluxe Version)

My War Is Over (Bonus Track – Deluxe Version)



King Of Madness (video)

The Ritual (video)

Making of Apocalypse Mini-Documentary


Primal Fear are:

Ralf Scheepers – Lead Vocals

Tom Naumann – Guitars

Alex Beyrodt – Guitars

Magnus Karlsson – Guitars & Keyboards

Francesco Jovino – Drums

Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals


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