PRIMAL FEAR - Best Of Fear          (Release Date: 10.11.17)



I was pretty excited when I saw this album was due to be released.  Power metal German giants Primal Fear have been around since 1997 and have already released a ‘best of’ album ‘Metal Is Forever’ back in 2006 when they moved from their original record company, Nuclear Blast Recordings to Frontiers Records. 


The band have so many great songs it is probably the right time for another ‘Best of’ album to give newer fans a taster of tracks from their studio albums.  That said, I do like to hear new music from bands and fortunately for me there are 4 new tracks on this album.


Comprising 2 CD’s, 23 old songs, 3 shiny new recordings and one cover it’s a total Primal Fear fest!


CD1 starts with the new material.  Area 16 is an instrumental opener which sounds like a film track which is testament to the sheer quality of the musicianship of these guys. 

Huge riffs and lovely big melodic vocals dominate the next track ‘Predator’. Ralf has such a distinctive voice.  This is most definitely Primal Fear….lovely! 


The next track is the riff ridden ‘Thrill of Speed’ and it really is a powerful example of classic riffs and more dynamic vocals and a thumping bass line.  With the amount of years’ experience these guys have and a totally winning formula in the band member stakes, this is a delight to listen too.


The curveball in this is the cover of Heart’s ‘If Looks Could Kill’.  One of Heart’s iconic and well-loved songs, what were they thinking? 

Let’s rock it up! That’s what they were thinking! Let’s make this our track!.....And they have!  Bigger riffs, bigger drums, huge amounts of bass, sheer power and aggression and Ralf’s vocal is on the money.  I love it!  It is different to the original, harder, more powerful, but somehow it plays tribute rather that shading the original out of existence. 


CD 1 continues with the heavier tracks from the last 10 years of Primal Fear and includes many gems that bring back the memories and flood your ears with quality music.

CD 2 is the more melodic tracks, thoroughly enjoyable and well chosen with some great guest vocalists.

The tracks are all from the last 10 years and as these are in my opinion some of the best that the band have recorded, I will be buying this.  Two reasons, the 4 new tracks which sound great and also for the mix of tracks.  However, given that the 4 new tracks on this album are so good I hope it isn’t long before we get an album of new songs.


Primal Fear are:

Ralf Scheepers – Vocals

Tom Naumann – Guitars

Alex Beyrodt – Guitars

Magnus Karlsson – Guitars & Keyboards

Francesco Jovino – Drums

Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals


Track list:



Area 16 (New Song)

Predator (New Song)

If Looks Could Kill (New Song)

Thrill Of Speed (New Song)

The End Is Near


Sign Of Fear

In Metal We Trust

When Death Comes Knocking

Six Times Dead

Angels Of Mercy


Riding The Eagle


King For A Day

Bad Guys Wear Black


CD 2

Everytime It Rains (Feat. Simone Simons)

We Walk Without Fear

Fighting The Darkness (Long Version)

Hands Of Time

One Night In December

The Sky Is Burning

Where Angels Die

Black Rain

Born With A Broken Heart (Feat. Liv Remix)

Born Again

The Man (That I Don’t Know)


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