Steven Waddell


Imagine if you will, the lead singer from Discharge removing his leather studded belt, wrapping it around his fist and punching you square on the temple while Cronos from Venom stands by laughing at you quaffing from his bottle of broon ale......


That's the image Australia's Primitive Blast have ingrained on my subconscious every time I crank them up. Formed in 2014 in Sydney from various local acts these guys are picking up a head of steam and are currently touring the States. 


At 8 minutes long (give or take) this self titled EP kicks your teeth down your throat and steps right over you without a second glance. 


It's without doubt a hardcore record first and foremost, but if you’re a fan of proto-black metal - Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer etc.. then Ryan Bevan's vocals should hook you like an old cadaver in a butcher shop. Expertly soaked in a bath of hellacious reverb, the lyrics are spat out with genuine vitriol, No Youth/No Use exemplifying this perfectly with its manic yells bouncing off the walls of Brandon Chan's crusty bass riff.  Chan locks in with Dean Vardon's drums tighter than two coats of paint before Bevan lashes out again with his Barney Greenway style outbursts on The Rat. There’s a groove here that lifts it above being just an angry hardcore record (nowt wrong with that by the way) and the stabby guitars of Owen Pasilich punctuate the thick as grandma's pea soup rhythm section. 


You can get Primitive Blast on 7" vinyl folks, and I can't even find a Facebook page for them, these guys are 'kin OLD school!! That should be enough for you to you buy this! For the analogue impaired you can also find it on Spotify or download it from Bandcamp. The label dealing with the guys are Last Ride Records and I believe they still have some yellow vinyl left, and how cool is that record sleeve? Get it bought!!

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