PRONG - Zero Days

Lindsay Smith-Boam


With a focus on creating good songs PRONG hit the studio and will be releasing “Zero Days” on 28th July once again produced by Tommy Victor with Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer.


Formed in the mid 80’s and never fully getting credit for their contribution to the progressive metal scene, the always recognisable American trio, PRONG continues to be as heavy, hardcore and industrial throughout their new album.  This is a delight for the moshers, every track is dymanic and aggressive with melodic groovy undertones, snarly guitars and powerful drumming and the familiar clarity to the vocals allowing the messages and rantings to be heard. 


As always with Tommy, the whole thing works, so producing another enjoyable listen with a few stand-out tracks, which are some of the best I’ve heard from PRONG for a while.


‘However It May End’ has loud riffs rumbling and crashing, big snarling vocals, anger and aggression in abundance. ‘Zero Days’ Riffage by the bucket full. ‘Off the Grid’ is multi tempo track with an aggression and vocal which throws it on the heavier side of the genre.  ‘Divide And Conquer’, a very catchy lyric sitting above the guitars.  A good classy track and the stand out for me on the album. ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ feels very angry and pissed off and not just in its lyrics, but its whole vibe.  ‘Interbeing’ and  ‘Blood Out Of Stone’ are more melodic in their delivery with some pretty outstanding groove to their riffs.


‘Operation Of The Moral Law’, full on breakneck pace, ‘The Whispers’ interesting lyrics, great chorus and an earworm of a track.  ‘Self Righteous Indignation’ dirty industrial feeling riffs, snarling vocals.  ‘Rulers Of The Collective’ again it’s the lyrics that get in your head, delicious riffs in this one which will translate to a great live track hopefully to be heard on their forthcoming tour.  ‘Compulsive Future Projection’ and ‘Wasting Of The Dawn’ leave lasting impressions, lyrically enthralling – the music accentuating the darkness and hopelessness of the lyrics. 


PRONG continue to be a force to be reckoned with, Tommy Victor’s writing has developed over the years and this album is one of their best.


PRONG are:

Tommy Victor - Guitar, Vocals

Mike Longworth – Bass

Art Cruz – Drums


Prong European Tour 2017
13.07.D-Hamburg - Hafenklang

14.07.D-Münster - Sputnikhalle

15.07.NL-Eindhoven - Dynamo Metal Fest

18.07.GB-Glasgow - Audio

19.07.GB-Belfast - Voodoo

20.07.IE-Dublin - Voodoo Lounge

21.07.GB-Manchester - Rebellion

22.07.GB-London - Underworld

26.07.D-Munich - Free&Easy Festival

27.07.D-Stuttgart - Keller Klub

28.07.D-Weinheim - Cafe Central

29.07.D-Essen - Nord Open Air

30.07.D-Siegen - Vortex

02.08.D-Potsdam - Waschhaus

03.08.PL-Kostrzyn - Woodstock Open Air

04.08.D-Wacken - Wacken Open Air

05.08.D-Veltheim - Festival Kult

06.08.D-Cologne - Rheinriot

09.08.D-Regensburg - Eventhall Airport

10.08.A-Graz - Explosiv

11.08.A-Vienna - Viper Room

12.08.CZ-Josefov - Brutal Assault Festival

25.08.D-Sulingen - ReLoad Festival 



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