PROTEUS - Ignite The Pyres (Single)



Shooting your first video is a proud moment for any band, especially if it's early on. It's important to stand out from everyone else, especially when you're operating in a crowded environment. To this end, standing in a barn and chasing a frightened woman is unlikely to mark you out as special, so it's a shame that Proteus have decided to do exactly that with Ignite The Pyres.


Be that as it may, the song itself is pretty solid. Principle vocalist Shane has plenty of roar on the go, and there's capable, taut musicianship being displayed. Curiously, there's not a great deal of urgency to Ignite The Pyres, even in the blasting sections, which is deeply welcome given metalcore's boundless desire for artificial tension. There's a beatdown and some nippy, brief soloing. A dose of Trivium here, a splash of In Flames there, and given that Proteus started shy of a year ago, getting to this stage this quickly is quite admirable.


It'll be interesting to see how this track fits in the scheme of the record. Proteus need to go through a couple of releases to nail down exactly who they are, like any band, but what they become could be ace. So for those of you who like a good shout, a bit of melody in your metal and a band that you'll get to watch grow into something bigger, do yourselves a favour and have a listen to Proteus.


Shane Pargeter - Vocals
Will Packer - Guitar/Vocals
Jake Fenner - Guitar
Dan Armstrong - Bass
Tommy Banks - Drums


To find out more about Proteus you can check out their Facebook at:

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