Rain May Fall - Silence and Ruin EP

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


Liverpool hard rockers Rain May Fall have been around the metal scene since 2012, formed from members of Zuprowki Connection and Under God Fury, two of Liverpool’s finest hard rock bands who had supported acts like Testament, Hatebreed and WASP.


The band have honed their sound from their earlier released tracks and with their EP, ‘Silence and Ruin’, they have developed and clearly taken on board influences perhaps picked up while on the road with bands including Diamondhead and Crowbar. The whole feel of the EP is dark – pissed off,  angry and despairing - and it works…


The first song on the EP ‘Admit’ opens with symbols crashing and roaring guitars panning wider and dragging you in with a surprisingly melodic vocal.  The varying tempo of the track and throaty riffs mash in the background – a great opening track which sets the tone of the tracks to come. 


‘Watch Me Drown’ with its heavy drums provided by Norman Walker and pulsing tones from Luke Mullins’ bass, surround the snarling guitars from Tim Cunningham and Ian Johnson and continue where ‘Admit’ leaves off.  The track screams despair and the more morose tone of Mark Smith’s vocal sucks you down into those depths of darkness. 


‘Control’ is a cracking track, full on guitars, great bass, more crashing symbols and strong drumming – Marks vocal has an angry feel – in fact the whole track feels really angry – snarling riffs and heavy drumming.   


‘Why Would I’ with its drum and bass thudding through – together with still angry, dark feeling vocals are all thrown in a pot with the growling guitars resulting in a pretty good final track.


Worth a listen for definite…

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