RAVENBREED - Hollowed (EP)



There’s certainly some heavy sounding, meaty bands on the circuit in the UK at present, and if you haven’t been out to any local live gigs lately then you’re certainly missing out. One of those bands are newcomers Ravenbreed.


Forming in January 2018 this hard rock quartet from Cardiff have recently released their debut EP ‘Hollowed’, a 3 track taster of some seriously groove-laden tunes, though for me 3 tracks just aren’t enough to satisfy. It’s a teaser, like the carrot on the stick hovering just out of my reach as I find that what I need now is the next EP to hurry so I can listen to more.

‘Insult’ is the customary hard-hitting opener, the one that gets your body moving to its swaggering rhythm with the bass guitar laying down that dirty deep rhythm accompanied by the drums to form that solid foundation. The guitar, complementing the vocals from Warren Allen, adds the upper layer of gravelly pleasure that propels you through the track. It’s grindingly heavy with a ripping riff about 3/4 of the way through that just completes the track for me.


‘Lonely’ has more of that gorgeous heaviness, it rumbles through the speakers as the huge vocals from Allen soar above. There’s aggression and passion woven through every part of the track, and the vocals just hold you in their raspy, gravelly tone.


‘Falling Away’ brings the pace down slightly, delivering a beautifully constructed powerhouse of a tune. The chorus is huge and I can only imagine that this would sound awesome live. The lulling of the bass from Formosa and the delivery of riffs from Mikey Watkins makes this track my favourite on the EP.


Overall, the production is spot on, the delivery of each track is undeniably some of the best I’ve heard and the whole EP (albeit short) has certainly whet the appetite. The musicianship is tight, the sound is full of depth and I’m seriously blown away that these guys have only been together a very short time and already they are delivering what some bands take years to perfect.


Ravenbreed are:

Warren Allen - Vocals

Mikey Watkins - Guitar / Vocals

Ross Formosa - Bass

Oli Watkins - Drums


Track List:



Falling Away


To find out more from Ravenbreed check them out at their Facebook page:


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