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Making a choice of where to record your new release is one of the decisions that every artist/band has to consider carefully. Each studio has its unique sound and taking a chance on a studio that hardly anyone has recorded in before is quite a risk, especially as you have no idea how the production is going to sound. One gamble that seemed to pay off for Swindon quartet RAZE*REBUILD was their decision to record their latest EP The Interlude at Western Audio, Swindon in Autumn 2017.

Engineered and mixed by Sam Bates at Western Audio and Mastered by Jolyon Holroyd at Valvetastic Studio, Raze*Rebuild have written 4 tracks that fuse together the best parts of alt-rock, indie and melodic punk with a hint of soul, boasting the kind of tracks that really do grow on you the more that you listen. Each song has lyrics that are based on real-life stories and emotions that seem to be etched into the fibre of the music itself.


The love of music for frontman Simon Hall (Lead Vocals/Guitar) & Matt Hall (Lead Guitarist/Vocals) seems to come from their mother, who is musical herself, and who encouraged the brothers to take up an instrument from an early age. Though both played the cornet as youngsters it wasn’t really something they enjoyed but thanks to the likes of Guns N’ Roses and U2, they felt inclined to pick up the guitar. Paj (Bass) picked up the guitar while at high school and has produced and recorded music since then while Jamie Warren’s (Drums) father toured with XTC as their light and sound tech, instilling his love for live music from an early age. So, it’s safe to say that in one way or another music has been in their blood all their lives. It’s only natural then that they would gravitate towards making original music themselves.


Fast forward to the present day and you’ll find Matt and Simon draw their musical influences from playing previously in Skate Punk bands. The punk sound is complemented by Paj and Jamie who come from a more Rock/Americana/Indie background, so by combining those elements, you get the sound that makes Raze*Rebuild what it is today. There’s a whole load of catchy choruses, a big sound full of depth with that Rock/Punk vibe saturated through every part of the EP and lyrically you’ll be given words that you can relate to, real stories, real emotions, real life.


‘Burden Of Youth’ has the upbeat tempo that you’d expect from an opening track; lively, energetic music fuelled by that Punk Rock edge. ‘New Leaf’ has an immense guitar intro that oozes of rock before the punk kicks in. ‘Never Saved My Soul’ has that classic rock feel to the opening 20 seconds before giving way to the punk. Final song ‘Poison Air’ shakes up the intros by going for a simple chord and vocal intro before the other instruments breathe life into the track. There are some scorching riffs that sizzle while the vocals seem rawer on this track and it’s probably my favourite on the EP.


Throughout the 4 tracks the bass and drums alternate the rhythmic tempo while crashing and booming along, maintaining a great foundation that the guitars can glide along, the vocals rising and falling and the whole combo of sound and depth hooking you in at every turn. The production is spot on, each element of the music is showcased to perfection and there’s really nothing that I can critique here at all. So I guess that gamble really did pay off after all!


I can imagine these guys really raise the roof on a live performance! Check out Raze*Rebuild at the links below, or even better, go catch them at a live gig! Support new music, support your local live music venues and support the new bands. #SupportNewMusic #SupportNewBands #BuyTheMerch


Raze*Rebuild are:

Simon Hall - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Matt Hall - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Paj - Bass Jamie Warren - Drums


‘The Interlude’ Tracklist:

Burden Of Youth
New Leaf
Never Saved My Soul
Poison Air


Check out more from Raze*Rebuild at:- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/razerebuild/ Bandcamp: https://razerebuild.bandcamp.com/

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