REACH - The Great Divine (Album)


Whenever I hear new rock music from Sweden for the first time, I always get excited as there’s just something awesome about the way they write and play that makes their music awesome. Work of Art and Eclipse are a couple of examples of this excellence and today, another band from Sweden has made their way into my favourites list and they are called Reach.

I first heard of them a few years ago back in 2015 when I saw Eclipse live for the first time, as Reach were a support band for them and they were pretty good but weirdly though, I did not listen to them again after the gig for some bizarre reason. A few years later and now the chance has come for me to rectify that by spinning their new album ‘The Great Divine’ which is due for a February 23rd 2018 release on Sunhill Productions.
This second album features a slight change in the line-up with the former singer and bass player having now left the band, a new bassist was brought in and the guitarist who is known for his singing talents took over both singing and songwriting duties.

The first two songs on the album ‘Into Tomorrow’ and the title track ‘The Great Divine’, gave me a great first impression of what the new frontman is capable of, both as a songwriter and singer, as they are filled with heavy guitar riffs, pounding drum beats and vocals that are both passionate and powerful with the way they attack the melodies of the songs.

‘Live or Die’ displays the same heavy momentum from the first two songs but that’s not a bad thing mind you as I like it when an album can deliver non-stop heaviness one after the other. From here, things get a little moody with ‘Nightmare’ and this is the type of song you can play over the soundtrack of say a horror game as it has that same kind of tense atmosphere that puts you on edge, almost as if something could jump out at you at any moment.
For the next few tracks that follow, we are treated to some peppy and upbeat songs one after the other which include ‘Off the Edge’ which has infectious and energetic melodies that will get you up on your feet and busting your best moves, ‘One Life’ which is a beautiful and relaxing song that gives you a chance to recharge your energy before ‘Running on Empty’ gets you back up on your feet and rocking out with a smile on your face.

So far things are looking good and as we enter the final few songs, things end on a positive note as we get three more excellent songs one after the other including the symphonic headbanger ‘Shame’, the groovy and funky ‘You Say’ and the melancholic ‘River Deep’.

If I had to make one little nitpick is that sometimes the music can overpower the vocals, often making the lyrics a little hard to decipher. Mind you, this is only a minor nitpick as everything else including the excellent musical performances and the high quality production overshadow this minor complaint.

To sum it up, this is a must have record for your collection if you are a fan of Melodic Hard Rock as Reach have delivered a stellar release that you will definitely enjoy when it comes out so make sure you pre-order it.



Into Tomorrow
The Great Divine
Live or Die
Off the Edge
One Life
Running on Empty
You Say
River Deep


Reach are:
Ludvig Turner (Guitars & Vocals)
Marcus Johansson (Drums)
Soufian Ma’Aoui (Bass)


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‘The Great Divine’ is available for pre-order at the following links:
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