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Laying on the grass in the warmth of the summer sun, watching wisps of clouds blow slowly past in the sky are the main images that are conjured to mind when listening to Redwood’s newest EP ‘Lay Your Love Down’, which is due for release on 5th October 2018 via Failure By Design Records. Mature in delivery, eloquent in lyrical content and delivered with an exceptionally relaxing style of instrumentation, this EP is the relax and unwind necessity for any Alt-rock fan.


Hailing from Hertfordshire, the quintet of Alex Birchall (Vocals/Guitar), Jamie Richards (Guitar/Vocals), Conor Bond (Bass/Vocals), Dean Brown (Guitar) and Toby Fassioms (Drums), bring us this 5 track EP and deliver it with both a chill out relaxing tone full of pop and indie sensibilities at its forefront, while being held up by a solid drum and bass foundation rooted in alt-rock. The guitars that overlay the whole EP are emotive and intricate, the melodies are lightweight and powerful, and the mix of genre styles really works well, giving a cerebral meets emotional feel overall.


There’s a summer vibe that meanders throughout the track, think BBQ’s with your mates, enjoying good times and just generally relaxing while Redwood blast out the speakers, that’s the kind of feel you’ll get from these guys and their music. The intro’s for each track are constructed in such a way that you feel immediately drawn into the tracks and feel yourself being pulled through the EP at a very leisurely and relaxed pace, holding your attention, enriching your soul just a little with the light melodies while the choruses fill your head, swirl around and then eject themselves ready for the next relaxed verse.


The first single to be released from the EP is ‘Mother’, and it’s a solid track to give fans an idea of what to expect. With a catchy rhythm, laid back vocals and a self-produced video shot on location at a friends house in Hertfordshire, you’ll get a first glimpse at what the band are setting out to achieve with this new release. The official video for ‘Mother’ can be viewed on YouTube at the following link:


Commenting on the video production process, vocalist Alex Birchall said, “With the visuals I wanted to play with different ways of representing emotional baggage, and the ways in which people try to forget or expel past thoughts or feelings. Shooting and editing the video ourselves gave us lots of freedom to experiment with different ideas and have fun while shooting it.”

‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Denaline’ will give you more rock based tracks, the drums are stronger with a slightly richer bass throughout and overarching indie style vocals, the guitars working overtime to bring in the intricate lines that are displayed so well throughout the EP, the choruses are uplifting and fulfilling, full of noise before the quiet of the verse returns and brings the tracks back down a notch.

‘Magnolia’ has an even more laid back feel and ‘Yellowstone’ is something entirely different. Bare guitars, raw floaty vocals and an almost dreamlike quality to the track makes this an odd way to end the EP. Personally, I didn’t really like it until the full musical ensemble kicks in two thirds of the way through.

As a whole the EP is a good listen and well worth your time and money. Go check them out, or catch them at one of their live shows to accompany their EP release in October. Redwood live dates are as follows:


October 5th - Leeds – Venue TBC

October 6th - London - Moth Club

October 7th - Bristol - Exchange

You can also check them out on their social media platforms:


Redwood are:

Alex Birchall - Vocals, Guitar

Jamie Richards - Guitar, Vocals

Conor Bond - Bass, Vocals

Toby Fassioms - Drums

Edan Brown – Guitar

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