REECE - Ignited (Album)



Reece are a Rock band from Caerphilly, Wales consisting of Rob Reece, vocals and bass, Jon Davies, guitars and Russ Rogers, drums.  Ignited is the first album from the trio and follows their successful 2016 EP Noisebox.


‘Wasteland’ is a really solid rock track with an understated funkiness to the rhythm accentuating the melody and riffs.  ‘Out of Nowhere’ is packed with riffs and a lovely rumbling bass line.  I love the grimy guitar sounds on ‘Meltdown’ which complement the vocals nicely.  ‘Ignited’ as the title track of the album, does as expected, hooks you in and ear worms its way in through repeated riffs and a catchy chorus.  This will be a good crowd sing-along track live.  ‘Lost in Translation’ is a classy feeling ballad with a light acoustic intro and a clean vocal which shows the diversity in this band’s writing and sound.


‘Messenger’ is full of heavy beats with a toe-tapping tempo and another wonderfully catchy chorus.  Rob’s voice has familiar tones to it, perhaps some Manics and some prog influences bubbling through with a smooth melodic tone.

‘Painless’ wow! Great track, great guitars, great drums and a great lyric.  This one stayed in my brain after the album finished. ‘Falling Down’ showcases a killer hook and seriously good drumming and delivers another strong chorus.  ‘Save Us’ feels loud and angry, key changes and layers in the vocal make it interesting and it’s a strong finish to a thoroughly enjoyable album full of well written songs delivered by a cohesive band.


Overall this album is a good listen, full of energy, funk, groove, melody and a sound that will sit well on radio not just live.

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