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Founded in 2014 by singer Todd Falconer and bassist Josh Roach in Oklahoma, Reliance Code’s debut single ‘Come Alive’ was released in 2015, followed by a four-track EP. In November 2016, the band signed with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Record Label in the UK and have since worked with multi-award winning producer and Grammy-nominated Alex Gerst on their new album ‘Finding Your Way Out’ released June 2017, which tells a story of “overcoming addiction, dealing with heartache, learning to live in the moment and make the most out of life”.


Album opener ‘Never Bring Me Down’ kicks off with good heavy drums from Chris Law and bass from Josh Roach, which pause for a beat before being joined by the twin guitars of Shane Diego and J.C. Patterson and powerful vocals of Todd Falconer. Now this has got my attention! The vocal harmonising in the chorus sounds really great and there are some sublime guitar riffs.


‘What You’ve Done’ begins with a delicious riff and a beat that I just had to nod my head and tap my toes to! The vocals alternate between melodious and gruff, and the contrast is great. ‘From Afar’ has a more rock/pop groove and feels so much more simple than its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it has any less of an impact. In fact, I had so many lines from this song stuck in my head including the first line “Tell me just what to do, I don’t understand you,” and first line from the chorus “I see you from afar, you are so distant now,” maybe because the tune was kind of haunting.


‘Taking Control’ starts as it means to go on, with big crunchy walls of guitars and glorious vocal harmonies. This song has lots of energy, with an unexpected burst of spoken word in the middle. The track ends quite abruptly and I’m a bit disappointed as I could’ve listened for longer.


The vocals really stand out on ‘Rise Up’ as they sound so pure and clear. Falconer’s vocals are really easy to understand throughout this album, but are particularly crisp on this track. This song has a really melodious rock edge. ‘Dirty Girl’ has that grungy distorted vocal and a chorus that gets stuck in your head for days - I know because it’s been in mine all week! The non-stop mighty drum beat and emotive guitar solos add to the intensity of this provocative track.


Falconer’s screamed vocals combined with the hard-hitting drum beat ensure ‘Fight For Life’ makes an instant impact from the outset. A combination of tuneful and distorted/shouted vocals makes for a really interesting blend. The musicianship of the whole band stands out on this song. Last track ‘Come Alive’ has that instant appeal with tuneful verses, sing-a-long chorus, melodic riffs, you just can’t help but drum along on the table/steering wheel. I really like the rhythmic variation in the track, as well as the ‘shoutier’ vocals in the middle.


‘Finding Your Way Out’ is quite a short album at only eight tracks, but each of those tracks is hard hitting. While some of these songs grab you by the throat instantly and won’t let go, others are growers. I really like how the band play in different styles, encompassing rock/pop, melodic, metal and more. The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. There are certainly no fillers here! I’m willing to bet Reliance Code go down a storm live too.


‘Finding Your Way Out’ track listing:-

Never Bring Me Down

What You’ve Done

From Afar

Taking Control

Rise Up

Dirty Girl

Fight For Life

Come Alive


Reliance Code are:

Todd Falconer - Vocals

Shane Diego - Guitar/Backing Vocals

JC Patterson - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Josh Roach - Bass

Chris Law - Drums


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