REWS - Pyro (Album)

Samantha Lloyd


Alternate pop rock duo Rews hit the ground running with their debut album ‘Pyro’, a high energy, intense, grungy; shake your body until you fall over album that delivers a fresh twist into the alternate rock scene. After blasting through their set at Glastonbury 2017 on the John Peel stage and receiving much acclaim from the BBC’s Mark Radcliffe (naming them as one of his highlight bands of the festival), they appear to be going from strength to strength.


After signing with Marshall Records in February 2017, the London/Belfast duo of Shauna Tohill (lead vocals and guitarist) and Collette Williams (drums and vocals) put together an album that aims to inspire people to be who they are. Laced with beautiful harmonies, rolling riffs and catchy choruses you’ll be hard fixed to find a more dynamic and energised pair on the alt-rock scene. The tracks lack nothing despite the absence of a bass guitar and manage to pull together an album that not only hold your attention but has you thinking about those deep issues that people face in everyday life.


The album kicks off with the sassy heavy track ‘Let It Roll’. This mid tempo, bound along upbeat track rolls through a nice combination of rumbling lows and intense highs, catchy lyrics and a beaty chorus. It’s a great track to start the album off. ‘Rip Up My Heart’ is next and it’s one of those tracks that you can’t help but bop around and strut to, it’s the “girl going crazy in the bedroom while she’s getting ready for a night on the town” kind of track that is full of energy and drive. There are brief moments in the song where the tempo drops and the vocals take on an almost angelic tone, before the tempo rips it up again and the upbeat bounce returns. I love the vocal range that Tohill demonstrates on ‘Violins’. The harmonies between Tohill and Williams are really tight, but what does it for me is the sudden change from purring kitten-esque harmonies to growling angry tiger-esque vocals as she roars down the microphone – rrraaarrrr!


‘Shine’ has a broodingly slow, steady and grungy rhythm to it while ‘Death Yawn’, despite its ominous title, is a light and breezy song with an infectiously catchy chorus. ‘Miss You in the Dark’ is the lead single from the album, it’s not one of the strongest songs on the album, but it’s still catchy with the same propelling lyrics and rhythm to keep you listening. ‘Your Tears’ begins with an upbeat feel that grows into a strutting high energy track with climbing riffs and bouncy vocals. The vocals are more intense with a slightly vulnerable edge to them. ‘We Explode’ is a strong alt-rock track with the same intense and well harmonised vocals that are perfectly juxtaposed against the harsh guitar riffs and slamming drums, yet at times the track can be quite soft before exploding back into the meaty track.


I really love ‘Shake Shake’. It is infectiously good, bouncy beats and catchy repetitious lyrics that get stuck in your head and linger there long after the track has finished. ‘Running Against the Wall’ is the final track on the album. It begin with a drum intro, then the vocals start and the harmonies are once again on point and sounding tight. There’s the occasional sleazy guitar riff and a light build up to the chorus that works really well.


Overall it’s a good album filled with harmonised vocals and intriguing instrumentals. This duo has certainly given the alt-rock/pop world a small taste of what they are capable of and it’s refreshing to have a modern twist with a splash of grungy fun. They are currently on tour in the UK, check out their tour dates and try to catch a live show near you:


To find out more check them out on their Facebook  page:


Track Listing:


Let it Roll

Rip up my Heart



Death Yawn

Miss You in the Dark

Your Tears

We Explode

Shake Shake

Running Against the Wall




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