With origins going back to 2013 when band members Jordan, Dan and Rodge started touring and recording under the name Renegade & Retrospective, this heavy blues outfit from Manchester who rebranded as ‘Ritual King’ in 2016, are due to release their new 3 track EP ‘Earthrise’ on  23rd February.


Their debut EP ‘Elixir’ released in 2016 was well received and gave the band the momentum and a platform to show exactly what they could do.  Following on from these positive beginnings, the new EP ‘Earthrise’ has, in my opinion, stepped them up a level.


‘Ideology’ has a short intro before breaking into killer riffs and a rampage of drumming. The guitar work is simply wonderful and the chorus takes the track into ear worm territory. This is heavy, blues filled rock and the vocal delivery has definite grunge influences. A really great start.


‘Tides’ has a dirty riff intro with lovely rhythmic drumming running under together with a funk to the bass. The track has a classic rock feel and the cohesiveness in the playing is clear to hear. ‘But Anyway’ is a heavy blues fuelled song. I love the low bass rumblings and dirty riffs, sludge heavy before breaking into some magical moments. The vocal sits in beautifully within the music allowing the guitars to take the melody sweeping along with it and allowing it to flow. A beautiful guitar solo toward the end of the track brings the EP to a close.


I’m impressed, the whole EP demonstrates who this band are. The influences from blues, rock and grunge are all audible and combined in an impressive way with great melodies and some memorable riffs to give the band a well-rounded sound.


Ritual King are

Jordan Leppitt - Guitar and lead vocals

Dan Godwin – Bass

Rodge Hodges – Drums and backing vocals


For upcoming gigs and more info check out the Band at:




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