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Robin Beck has had a 30+ year career in the music industry as a singer/ songwriter.  Many will remember her as the girl who sang ‘First Time’ from the 1988 Coca-Cola adverts which to be honest, was probably her most well-known hit to date.  But her pedigree is far greater than that.  She has recorded albums with collaborators ranging from the wonderful Diane Warren, Desmond Child, Steve Lukather, Paul Stanley, Michael Bolton, Marc Jordan, Ann and Nancy Wilson, the list goes on and on.  Please find time to check out her back catalogue, she has some absolute gems in there including her duet with husband James Christian, ‘Till the End of Time’ and ‘That All Depends On What You Do Tonight’ with Joe Lynn Turner to name just a couple.


 ‘Love Is Coming’ is an album full of cracking songs and shows that Robin knows a good song when she hears and sings it!  Partnering with Clif Magness (Steve Perry, Avril Lavigne) and James Christian, who produced and mixed the album and Maor Appelbaum who has done a fine job in mastering it, the album is a very enjoyable listen with some stand out tracks.


 ‘Island’ kicks off the album with a cool keyboard intro and big kick in of the riffs, a catchy track with a great melody.  ‘On The Bright Side’ allows the power of Robin’s voice to come through, energetic and strong and an enjoyable melodic rock track.  ‘In These Eyes’ has a softer opening becoming a belter of a power ballad.  ‘Love Is Coming’, big in sassy attitude and a great big catchy chorus – lovely!


‘Me Just Being Me’ continues with the attitude with a funky feel. ‘On To Something’ keeps the catchy hooks and plentiful riffs coming.  ‘Lost’ is in my opinion the best on track on the album.  Robin has a power and range to be applauded.  It has never diminished and is certainly on display with this song.  Beautiful lyrics too.


‘Crave The Touch’ grabs your attention and has a U2 vibe to it.  Really different from the rest of the album, rumbling riffs and an ear worm chorus.  Great track.


‘If You Only Knew’, a slower tempo allows Robin’s vocal to push to the forefront full of soul and passion.  The smoothness of the tone and range she has is really very stunning.


‘Here I Am’ piano rich, pulsing drum beats, leading in beautifully to ‘Girl Like Me’ opening with a lone guitar and full of sexy attitude.  The final track ‘Warrior’ is one of those that gets embedded in your brain. 


Overall this album is very diverse in its style and in the feel of the tracks.  Many of the songs are destined for extensive airplay for sure.  I mentioned U2 vibes but also thrown in there are some Demi Lovato, Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne - so many styles all delivered easily and smoothly.  You have to admire Robin’s vocals, she can sing anything and give it her stamp.


I do hope she tours this album, it would be lovely to see and hear her sing these tracks live.





On The Bright Side

In These Eyes

Love Is Coming

Me Just Being Me

On To Something


Crave The Touch

If You Only Knew

Here I Am

Girl Like Me



PRODUCED BY: Clif Magness and James Christian 

STUDIO: Blue Iron Gate Studios, Santa Barbara, California / Her Majesty’s Music Room, West Palm Beach Florida

RECORDED BY: Clif Magness and James Christian 

MIXED BY: Clif Magness

MASTERED BY: Maor Appelbaum, Los Angeles, California

BAND MEMBERS: All instruments played by Clif Magness except: 

Tommy Denander guitar solo on “Love Is Coming” and rhythm guitars on “On The Brightside”; John Huldt guitar solo on “Crave The Touch”; James Christian intro keys, percussion on “Crave The Touch”


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