ROCK GODDESS - EP - 'It's More Than Rock And Roll'

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


Rock Goddess are a female metal rock band from Wandsworth,  originally formed in 1977, the band went on to have pretty rapid success touring with some major players of the time, Y&T, Def Leppard  amongst the most notable.  The trio released 3 albums in the 80’s.  Their first self-titled album in February 1983 followed quickly by 'Hell Hath No Fury' in October 1983 and finally 'Young and Free', released exclusively in France in 1987.

However, despite various line-up changes the band fell apart and quite a few decades have passed since this, the original line up have recorded together.


Jody (vocals and guitar) and Judy Turner (Drums) and Tracey Lamb (bass) reformed the band in 2013 and this; their new EP was released in May 2017.


‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll’ is very reminiscent of 80’s metal classics – think Joan Jett!  Full of riffs and a fair bit of groove. I was spinning back into my denim jacket, my 'sit in the bath to make them shrink and fit tight jeans', big hair and black eyeliner. ‘Back Off’ is the best track on the EP by far with a lovely aggressive rumbling bass prickling a bit of interest and Jody still has a great strong voice.  ‘We’re All Metal’, so full of cheesy clichés it fits snugly in the 80’s with its repetitive shouty chorus and a few nice riffs, it feels more like a trip down memory lane than a new track.


Sorry girls but as much as I liked the 80's, it is a bit of a disappointment! 3 tracks makes this so short I’m not sure I have in my head a clear picture of where your music is going.  Is it simply a trip back in time or is it just testing the water to make sure the old fans will listen again and buy the music?  


Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike the tracks; I am just not convinced it has a commercial place in today’s rock scene.   It feels like more of an indulgence for the band and a time warp for the fans than a genuine ‘new’ music release.

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