RXPTRS - Bound (Single)



RXPTRS (pronounced raptors I believe) formed late 2017, already known to one another and all living in the south west of England, they wasted no time at all getting into the studio with Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino) on their debut single, 'Bound', which is released 23.2.18.


 This track has a heavy beat, is incredibly melodic whist raw and aggressive, and has some strong riffs. The content is a relationship turned bad - violent and abusive - and the mix of genres, hard rock/alt rock with a touch of punk and even a little thrash, suits the subject matter well. "Call me a monster to my face…the blade in your hand 12 inches long…"


Roach's vocals are at times dulcet and melodic and other times animalistic and combative, and both styles actually sound great; the vocals start off quite sweet and captivating, all-American rock band style, and in walks a touch of Marilyn Manson-meets-thrash-metal at 1:44 and again at 3:00. The track is eclectic but on the whole an authentic hard rock/alt track which pushes the boundaries. It's based on a very serious story but the song isn't bleak or depressing, more fiercely addictive and infectious. This is one of the strongest debut singles I've come across and I'll be watching these guys closely to see how they develop




Band Members:

Simon Roach (vocals)

Ian Chadderton (guitar)

Harley Watson (guitar)

Sam Leworthy (bass)

Mat Capper (drums)


Home Town: Bristol

Genre: Rock / Alt / Metal / Punk


Tour dates:

18.02 - Glasgow - Ivory Blacks *

19.02 - Newcastle - Jumpin Jacks *

20.02 - Manchester - Factory *

21.02 - Bristol - Louisiana **

22.02 - Leeds - Eiger Studios * 

23.02 - Derby - The Victoria Inn *

24.02 - Birmingham - Asylum 2 *

25.02 - London - Surya *


* w/ Speaking In Shadows

** w/ Dead!




Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RXPTRS/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/rxptrs

Bandcamp - https://rxptrs.bandcamp.com/

Insta - www.instagram.com/rxptrs

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