SAMARKIND - Self-Titled Debut Album



SAMARKIND are a multi-national group, with Irish frontman David Paul Byrne on vocals, Polish guitarist Michal Kulbaka, Irish bassist Mark Dempsey and South African born drummer, Marius Appelgryn.


Already a seasoned vocalist due to his time with Assassin, David showcases his wonderfully rich blues toned rock vocals on this, Samarkind’s self-titled debut album, due for release on 24th November 2017.


‘Black Rain’ begins with chanting, growing in loudness and I’m transported to a western territory, waiting for the horses to charge through the scene but instead we get guitars ripping in and demanding attention.  Country blues feeling and a tremendous opening track.  ‘Sunstroke Heart’ has a heavy, thumping beat full of funk and groove matched by the equally funky bass.  An awesome track and one which is available on YouTube


‘Skinny Rivers’ has another stomping beat and the vocal reminds me of Glenn Hughes, very funky, blues rich and melodic.  Really catchy, a great track.  However, this is where it got very interesting for me ‘Good Man Call’ takes this band to another level.  The talent in the song-writing and delivery of the vocal, the vocal arrangement, the melody – it is all there.  A simply stunning track.  Hauntingly beautiful with a gentle clarity swirling through and stunning guitar riffs.


‘Thru That Door’ brings in the pace and rock and roll feel again, twanging guitars and a toe-tapping beat.  ‘Fire & Blood’ is a great commercial feeling blues rock track, full of stomping melody and soaring riffs.  A groovy bass and delicious vocal – yep it’s another good one!


‘Touch Stone Man’ builds with even more riffs and a stomping beat.  ‘Blue Mountain’ more cracking opening riffs and no doubting the richness of the vocal riding over the music.  Pace changes, key changes, so many vibes running simultaneously through, it’s a very interesting track.


And that’s it – 8 tracks, a shade over 33 minutes and each and everyone one of those minutes is full of awesomeness.

A stunningly impressive album.


Track List:


1. Black Rain
2. Sun Stroke Heart 
3. Skinny Rivers
4. Good Man Call 
5. Thru That Door
6. Fire And Blood
7. Touch Stone Man
8. Blue Mountain



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