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Savage Machine hail from Denmark and arrive on your shores on 19th January with their new album ‘Abandon Earth’ – invading your senses with a work of intelligent metal that exudes a maturity often delivered by more experienced bands.


‘Abandon Earth’ marks the next leg of their voyage on the seas of metal following a period of contemplation on the back of great live appearances at Wacken and a European tour of Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland supporting Lords Of Black in 2015/16.


The line up of Troels Rasmussen (Vocals), Jacob Vestergaard Druedahl Bruun (Guitars), Simon Poulsen (Guitars), Martin Helbo (Drums) and Benjamin 'Atlas' Andreassen (Bass) forms a strong crew who are tight, riffy and at times anthemic. The material is thoughtful, powerful and keeps the listener hooked by weaving a lyrical storyline through the album. That story tells a tale of mankind leaving Earth to the safety of a dark unknown. A plot often seen in Hollywood, but delivered well through the medium of metal? Let’s see!


The album opens with an atmospheric intro in ‘Exodus’ that blends a haunting piano melody with the crack of thunder and rain. Rasmussen hits accomplished highs in his vocal performance that work well over the growing intro before those twin guitars of Bruun and Poulsen deliver a tight muted range of riffs that create an edgy feel against the solid rhythm section of Helbo and Andreassen.


‘Age of Machines’ and ‘The Hunter’ continue the guitar driven pace of the latter parts of the intro and enjoy an even more impressive rhythmic foundation. The drum and bass on ‘The Hunter’ are powerful to say the least and let Rasmussen wax lyrical with space to express without overpowering the song. The backing vocals of “Kill....Kill” are reminiscent of Manowar and whilst some listeners may raise an eyebrow – the overall delivery is awesome.


Slower, more atmospheric work is found in ‘Time Traveller’ and ‘Behind the Veil’ where acoustic guitars can be heard again supporting the telling of our sad tale. Lyrics “bass drum kicking, metal shredding” lead to a beautifully delivered solo that drips with a honeyed tone that isn’t expected in such a powerful work. Anthemic vocals draw the latter track to an end - leading to a more frenetic delivery with ‘The Fourth Dimension’, ‘Event Horizon’ and closer ‘Welcome to Hell’.


Two tracks raise the game – the first being ‘Fall of Icarus’ which carries a tasteful guitar intro and frankly outstanding musical performance. This is a special moment on the album. The sheer musicianship on display supports the earlier point around maturity and is well factored on the album to lift and hold the interest.


Stand-out track ‘Saviour’ is driven by the Nordic bass of Andreassen which is nice given the guitar driven work in other tracks. Always looking for the tracks that will work live – this is the one. The power, flow and punch of this leviathan will knock the barnacles off your longboat!


‘Abandon Earth’ speaks for itself in many ways and “The forecast calls for a chance of fire” is as good a lyric as any to support the view that Savage Machine are back with a bang. Check them out....I think 2018 will be a big year for them. ‘Abandon Earth’ will be released on 19th January 2018 at the usual outlets.


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Track Listing –



Age of Machines

The Hunter

Time Traveller

Behind the Veil

Fourth Dimension

Fall of Icarus

Event Horizon


Welcome to Hell

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