SCREAM SERENITY - Eye Of The Storm (Album)



Formed in 2014 these hard rocking boys from Lowestoft, Suffolk have built up a fair fan base with their brand of guitar driven rock.  Scream Serenity have played the live circuit supporting amongst others, FM and Toseland, honing their craft and paving the way for this, their debut album.  The single ‘Good Business’ will be released on video on 17th November which I am sure will keep their ‘Screamers’ (fans) happy with a tempting glimpse of what is to come.


The album opens with ‘The Best Of The Worst’, full of aggressive powerful drumming, rip roaring riffs and a lovely rumbling bass line. A fast tempo and solid delivery on the vocals immediately shows what this band is capable of. ‘Good Business’ has a bucket full of rumbling guitar work and is full of energy. ‘Save Yourself’ keeps the up-beat vibe, the drumming is sound while the track is memorable for a really sharp guitar solo. For me it’s my stand-out track on the album as it’s a good short track in comparison to the rest of the album.


‘Run Away’ is another track which delivers on the vocal front, delicious layers of harmonies and rumbling guitar riffs combining with the power of the rhythm section. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ begins with a lighter touch building rapidly to an adrenaline filled track. However, the track keeps going just a bit too long. ‘Enough’ has stacks of nice angry riffs and a powerful tune.  Dual guitar riffs give some added interest to the track, completed with an acapella closing. This will be a really nice crowd pleaser when played live. ‘Better Off’ starts as a hard rock track but becomes very light and has an emotional feel to a really well delivered vocal. ‘Nowhere Town’ has a wistful lone guitar opening before being quickly replaced by crashing cymbals, big hefty drumming and a great deal of guitars.


‘Waiting for the Answers’, well that sounds rather nice with powerful driving opening, lots of rumbling riffs and a terrific pace. The vocal delivery again has a well-structured variety in tone.

The last track ‘Rest (After The Storm)’ is full of melodic vocals, good harmonies, a catchy chorus, well delivered riffs, a tasty bass line and consistent drumming. Job done!


In conclusion, Scream Serenity has delivered a fair album.  However, some of the tracks are around 6 ½ minutes long and I’m not convinced that having so many of these long tracks on one album really works. The impact of some of the really great riffs and hooks gets lost in stretched out parts of the tracks, notably when the ending is extended. There is also something missing and I can’t put my finger on what that is exactly.  Perhaps some tracks need more changes of pace? More variety in vocal tone? I’m really not sure. The album does have some good things going for it nonetheless, and it’s oh so close to being great. But it did leave me a little flat!


I’m sure with this first album tucked under their belt, Scream Serenity can grow, develop their sound  and go from strength to strength.


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Scream Serenity are:

Jordan Fennell – Guitar/vocals

Ian Messenger – Guitar/vocals

James Golder – Bass/vocals

Jon Lindow - Drums


Track listing:

1. The Best Of The Worst

2. Good Business

3. Save Yourself 

4. Run Away 

5. Eye Of The Storm 

6. Enough 

7. Better Off 

8. Nowhere Town

9. Waiting For The Answers

10. Rest (After The Storm)



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