SCRUFFY BEAR - Water (Single)



This is the first release from the Manchester band, who seem to be doing everything their own way. From making their own tie-dye T-shirts to personally selling tickets to their launch gig, I get the feeling they want to be in charge of their own destiny.


 'Water' relies heavily on the powerful vocals of Georgina Eaton, backed by a rough grinding bass for the first three minutes to carry the song through a diverse landscape vying for the listeners attention. Then suddenly, there is a change of pace from the soulful lament of a city dweller seeking mother nature, to an almost Motorhead like speed bass, accompanied by a very funky 70s guitar sound.


I always feel there is something missing in bands that have no rhythm guitar, but the gap here is filled with a strong bass line, and an incessant ever changing drum beat. And of course the resurging vocals tying the whole thing together at the end. At the end I was left wanting more, even from a five minute track!


Georgina Eaton - Vocals

John Roach - Guitar

Sass Lafferty - Bass/Backing Vocals

Ryan Hunt - Drums


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