Sertraline - Guilty EP

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Sertraline are a hard rock band from Stoke on Trent.  ‘Guilty’ is their second EP and was released in March 2017.  The band is fronted by Lizzie with Mike and Wilson on guitars, Hendo on bass and Si smashing the skins.  The band have toured with Funeral for a Friend, Butcher Babies and Toseland amongst others


‘Guilty’ is the title track of the EP and is well constructed – guitar riffs in abundance, low bassline and rhythmic drumming.  The vocal gives the track a fascination as you wait to hear those guttural roars coming through the clarity of Lizzie’s melodic vocal, an aspect not expected on first listen.


‘Snakes’ starts gently luring you in before becoming a full out hard rock track with loads of roaring of both vocal and dual gritty guitars. Lizzies beautiful melodic and clear vocal changes to light and delicate before transforming back to give a complexity to a solid rock track.


‘Change of Heart’, fast and full of energy leading to ‘Nyeevise’ which starts with guitars, a mean bass line and drums giving the track power.  Lizzie’s voice crystal clear during the verses but that guttural growling vocal cutting through on the chorus to give the track interest.


‘I Admit the Blame’ straight into a haunting vocal, which feels almost reigned in giving an angrier vibe to the track and then the harsh roaring vocal again making the track interesting.


This band is different from many within the rock and metal scene, each track makes you listen hard.  The varied vocal, the riffs and head nodding drum and bass give so many dimensions it’s primarily a good listen.  Strong lyrics and guys who can certainly play together with talent in the blending of the different vocal styles, delivers an EP which feels lightly produced, hopefully meaning that the tracks will be pretty true to the recording when performed live.  

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