SHOCKPOWDER - Lucid (Single)



The ‘90s are big again. An oft-maligned period in musical history that’s painted as being deeply grunge-centred, those of us who lived through it as teenagers remember charts where The Charlatans did battle with Pearl Jam, Babylon Zoo were number one and Radiohead were still an indie band. Aylesbury/Croydon trio Shockpowder clearly don’t mind the ‘90s either, evidenced by recent single ‘Lucid’.


Referring to themselves as an Aternative Rock/Metal band does them a disservice. The metal comes in the shape of a chuggy section towards the back end of this woozy single, and rifling through the other songs presented on their Soundcloud shows a band with a lot more alternative to them than they perhaps feel comfortable admitting. There’s a shoegazing quality to ‘Hills Under Twilight’ that’s replaced on ‘Lucid’ by some real Screaming Trees vibes, and the sound itself has taken a big leap forward.


More coherent than previous works and possessed of a distant, unhurried spirit, ‘Lucid’ has some interesting ideas on the go, with Eastern tinges, double bass work and those drifting vocals giving the band an individual feel. A tighter production with sharper drum sounds would have really solidified this, but this is a song that shows a band blooming into themselves. Robust.


Frontman - Joshua Colin Scurfield

Bassist - Alasdair Spence

Drummer - Louie Watson.


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