SILENT SELF - (Self-Titled Single)



Silent Self formed in Surrey in the summer of 2016, largely thanks to a gum tree ad from guitarist Tom Abbot. Singer songwriter, Steve Clarke responded to the ad and the band quickly came together with the addition of a powerful rhythm section of Andy McDonald on drums and David Galifi on bass. Taking influence from bands such as Feeder and Kings of Leon, the band have been putting together a number of original tracks and working on a live show. The self-titled debut single was recorded at Dark Horse Studios.


Channelling indie acts from the 90s, the single is as shiny and radio-ready as Feeder or Leon, with soul and a retro mind-trip. In places there is a sound which reminds me of The Killers too- "I got soul but I'm not a soldier". Images of a bunch of skinny, shaggy-haired and unshaven young chaps spring to mind, but there are some hidden gems in the single; with the exquisitely doleful vocal and the rumbling tidal wave of the guitar, this song goes about its business with purpose. There is a high standard of writing and an effortless almost nonchalant delivery. The song starts off strong with a smooth guitar, a catchy beat, silky smooth vocals, and a slight psychedelic spin that makes it a song you won’t be able to listen to just the once. The track is well mixed with everything around it, lacing it together like silk.


This is a band with potential, a breath of fresh indie air. If you like indie, especially of the golden 90s era, have a listen. I'm waiting for more…




Genre: Indie Rock

Band Members:

Steve Clark - Vocals & Guitars

Davide Galifi - Bass & Vocals

Andrew McDonald - Drums, Vocals & Buckfast Wine

Tom Abbott - Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals



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