SIMO - Rise & Shine

Release date September 15 via Mascot Label Group


Wes O’Neill


Evoking D'Angelo in the opening track "Return", it's clear that this is a sonically different, more detailed and produced album from the still fantastic last album. Don't worry though; Simo has this in hand...


For a band to have faith as they stake to challenge not only themselves but the listener also as to what they've heard before in "Let Love Show The Way" and debut "Simo" is a bold move and one that is to be applauded. A move that's come about from over 200 shows in 2016 of JD, Elad and Adam playing and writing together. Yes, a real band - "It can happen every day" in one lyric, yet all too often does not. The psychedelic blues rock is still there yet joined with a funkier edge and soulful grooves - think a mixture of Isaac Hayes, Hendrix and Stax recordings and you’ll get the vibe. Each song Simo offers here tells a story throughout the album of times past, those we live in and those we hope for.


Rest assured guitar fans, JD's guitar playing is not set aside. It adds further spice to every song and lyrically each track will ring true for time to come. You're missing Prince? There are songs that will fill that void of vocal range and emotions you are seeking.


This is not an album to be listened to loud to "educate" your family, neighbours or friends. It's more of one to buy...


and then to invite them over to listen to the story and share the moment which would be as fitting as the final tracks heartwarming, and a challenge to some in its lyrics, "I Pray".



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