SKAM - Peacemaker

Michelle Flynn


SKAM are a 3-piece hard rock band from Leicester. They are Steve Hill (Vocals/Guitar), Matthew Gilmore (Bass), and Neal Hill (Drums).


Peacemaker was released in 2014, following up on the success of their first album, It’s Come to This. They played the Giants of Rock in January and are on the bill for Planet Rock’s Winter’s End in February, Wildfire Festival in June, Ramblin’ Man Fair in July, and are also heading out on the road in April/May.


The album kicks off with a short intro track that lulls you into a false sense of security before the first track ‘Make You Pay’ hits your senses with its frenetic drumming and opening riff.  Track 8, ‘The Prince’ carries on in this vein, opening with an almost march like drum beat, while the guitar riff pulls you right in. ‘Rivers’, the first single released from the album and the final track, ‘More or Less’ provide a rib-rattling bass line that makes your lungs vibrate.


They reign it back in beautifully for two stunning slow burners. ‘Precious Stone’ is my stand out track of the album; an emotional masterpiece from start to finish, while ‘The Wire’ gently draws you in before finishing with an almost anthemic climax


The title track and third single, ‘Peacemaker’ features some filthy riffs from both Steve and Matt accompanied by some fast and furious drumming. Slightly more sedate, but with the same filthy, gritty guitar work is ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’.


The second single from the album, ‘Holy City’ has a much more catchy/upbeat vibe, as does ‘The Zone’. ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ is the track to get people up on their feet, it’s a fun track but does not deviate from the classic rock style these boys love.


SKAM hit hard with pure, British, classic rock, it’s rare for a 3-piece to pack such a punch without relying on gimmicks. Steve’s vocals are consistent throughout and he has a fantastic range and depth. They are a band who write and play from the heart and you won’t go far wrong checking them out and I for one am looking forward to the release of their next album.


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