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There’s an ongoing debate in the music industry that says rock music is dead. Gene Simmons declared it back in 2014, Iron Maiden co-founder Steve Harris has commented on how difficult it is for up and coming bands to make their mark, Marilyn Manson went one better and said that ‘rock is deader than dead’. I say what a load of crap! It seems all too obvious to me that the people who make these outlandish comments about rock being dead haven’t tuned into the likes of the Down The Front Podcast, haven’t stepped foot into a venue that boasts up and coming rock bands and probably haven’t been along to a Ramblin’ Man Fair and visited the Rising Stage; which showcases some of the rock and blues most promising acts for the future. Try telling Hard Rock Hell, Steelhouse Festival, Camden Rocks and Download that rock is dead. The organisers of those events are probably going to laugh in your face and ask what stone you’ve been living under.


At present the UK is littered with a plethora of bands that are primed and ready to rejuvenate the so called ‘dead rock’ genre, just take a look at the venues stretching up and down the country that are catering to the rock scene, the albums, EP’s and singles that are being created by new bands that inject a fresh and exciting new energy into rock music. People should start looking further than the mainstream crap that’s being fed to them on a daily basis and seek out the hidden gems that are struggling to break through. One of those gems who have a bright future ahead of them is without a doubt Skarlett Riot. A four piece female fronted new heavy rock and metal band from Scunthorpe who really know how to sock you in the face with their brand of music; killer riffs, searing vocals, pummelling drums and an all round abundance of muscular new rock and metal that thunders and rumbles through their 10 track, 40 minute new album ‘Regenerate’, due for release 27th October 2017 via Swedish label Despotz Records.


‘Break’ is the perfect opening track. It starts slowly, a smooth easy intro that builds the anticipation, slow heavy drums booming like distant explosions, then the fiercely energetic guitar of Danny kicks in and the soothingly delicious and intense vocals of Skarlett draw you in further. The rhythm section gallops along, the bass and drum work are tight and polished while the savage riffs keep coming, pulling the song through to its climax. ‘Closer’, ‘Calling’ and ‘Outcast’ hit hard and unrelenting with a pummelling barrage of drums from Luke and complementary deep booming bass from Martin Shepherd. ‘Paralyzed’ and ‘Warrior’ have heavy intros with the same menacingly aggressive drums. ‘Warrior’ is probably the most intense song from the offset with the almost deafening barrage of drums that pummel your head like a pneumatic drill. Really love the lyrics, ‘I’m braver than before, I’m not afraid to face the world alone. Warrior!’


‘The Storm’ is a huge track with anthemic hooks, thunderous bass, powerhouse drums and explosive vocals from Skarlett. What I like most about this album as a whole is the vocal range that Skarlett displays with evident ease, she can be soft and gentle, almost whispering slowly luring you in, then she explodes into an aggressive heavy vocal that batters the eardrums and soars high above everything else. ‘Stand Alone’ is my favourite track on the album. Love the menacing lyrics ‘I hope you choke, I hope you scream!’, and mildly aggressive warnings ‘You better keep your distance, stay away from me!’


‘Affliction’ starts off heavy, then drops to a gentle piano and vocal track that’s alluringly gentle, then the heavy bass kicks in and the song builds up to a huge refrain full of intensity and passionately delivered vocals. Honestly, there’s not a bad track on this album and for such a band to accomplish such an immensely great second album gives me hope for the future of rock. ‘Regenerate’ is intense, you can hear the influences of great bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Shinedown radiating through in both the musicality and delivery of these songs. Great album, great sound, all round awesome. I can’t fault it at all. Rock is Dead?? Bullshit.. go listen to Skartlett Riot and kick yourself in the ass for thinking such a ludicrous thing!


Track Listing:



Stand Alone

What Lies Beneath





The Storm




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