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Boasting ethereal and ambient progressive metal, Skyharbor return with their third album Sunshine Dust, released via Goodnight/eOne Records on Sept 7th 2018. Developing their sound from their previous albums;  debut Blinding White Noise (2012) and sophomore ‘Guiding Lights (2014), and after a change in line-up, Skyharbor push further into their mix of sonically appeasing and dynamic soundscapes to bring an album that showcases their maturity as a band, as well as their musical ingenuity.

Hailing from Indiana, USA, the quintet of Eric Emery (vocals), Keshav Dhar (Guitar), Devesh Dayal (Guitar), Krishna Jhaveri (Bass) and Aditya Ashok (Drums), captivate with the diversity of what they bring to the table with this record. Rock, metal, prog, and splash of nu-metal give the album a unique mix of textures, layers of sounds, depth aplenty and a kaleidoscope of soft meets heavy, and light meets dark. Emery’s vocals range from a soft expressive ambient caress to a fierce, screeching scream that showcases the pure power that he holds, switching quickly from one note to the other, reaching high, falling low and easily capturing every note in-between. The vocals are clean and crisp at one turn, then switched up raw and visceral on the other.


Instrumentally, every element of the album complements the other, adding both grain and texture, compositionally astute and brimming with a pureness that constantly progresses through soundscape after soundscape, Skyharbor manage to add post metal fullness to the subliminal feel of the music, making each track stand out from the next.

From opening track ‘Signal’, a brief intro to the album, through ‘Dim’, ‘Out Of Time’, and ‘Synthetic Hands’ you’ll experience the fusion of sounds, the duality of the music and as you are pulled through this all encompassing album you’ll taste the evolution of their sound more and more. ‘Disengage/Evaluate’ has probably the heaviest elements up to the mid point of the album, then tracks such as ‘Ethos’ and ‘Menace’ will show more of that ambient, aggressive grit while holding those soaring melodious notes that just blend so well together.

‘Ugly Heart’ is one of my favourites, it is raw, wholesome and just full of depth, while title track ‘Sunshine Dust’ has that beautifully haunting quality to it that urges you to hit repeat and listen all over again. Every new listen brings something new to the music, sounds you didn’t hear before, ambience that lifts and gives an enlightened sense of being that elevates the senses and pushes all the right buttons.

An awesomely addictive album that sees Krishna Jhaveri on the bass laying down a rhythmic bottom end that gives tracks such as ‘Reckoning’ that heavy deep boom that works so well after the bare intro, accompanied with pounding, fluid and dynamic beats of Aditya Ashok on the drums; they carry this heaviness through into ‘Dissent’, with growling vocals from Emery. Keshav Dhar and Devesh Dayal, with their dual guitars, add that ambient level of elevated sound that they project throughout the album, their nimble fretwork must be amazing to witness in a live setting!

There is so much to love about this album; the intensity, the exuberance, the diversity and the general feeling of being lifted by the flow and the ambient nature of the kaleidascopic variations just make it one of those albums that deserves to be added to every prog metal fans library. Buy it, listen to it, drink in the poetic lyrics, the aggressive moments, the sweet ambient purrs and the blistering showcase of musical prowess that transcends through every second of the album, and believe me, you’ll feel more enriched for it.





Out Of Time

Synthetic Hands




Ugly Heart

The Reckoning




Sunshine Dust

Skyharbor are:
Eric Emery - Vocals

Keshav Dhar - Guitar

Devesh Dayal - Guitar

Krishna Jhaveri - Bass

Aditya Ashok - Drums


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