Släck Alice - Wiseman (Single)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Coventry based hard rock band, Släck Alice released their debut single ‘Wiseman’ on the 23rd June.

The band are popular, gaining a following around the local music scene since September 2016 and have recently been in the studio laying down some tracks.


A full on loud riff driven opening shows what the band are about, a funky feeling rhythmic bass and thumping drums kick in and make you sit up and listen from the word go.  A strong, melodic, tuneful vocal from Tom and catchy lyrics make this an enjoyable listen.   Lovely, varied riffs adorn the track throughout and the drumming and bass continue to compliment and support.   


This is a pretty awesome debut track. Head nodding and foot tapping stuff! Tom has a great tone to his voice which I want to hear more of.

Cracking stuff…bring on the album!!


Släck Alice are:

Thomas Goulding - Vocals

James Pilling - Lead Guitar

Joe Mangle - Bass Guitar

Adam Gostick – Drums

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