Punk/pop/emo band SLACKRR hail from Southampton and have been together for just under a year after originally forming in November 2017 when founding member Scotty Perry wrote what would become their debut single ‘Closest to Perfect’ (audio here: and started playing it along with a couple of friends just for fun. After the single was released to critical acclaim and received rave reviews from industry professionals including Voice FM and BBC Introducing, the band were booked to play gigs all over the UK, but the two people Scotty was playing with decided they didn’t really want to play live. A drummer was found, and Cait Bowyer, who was a friend of Scotty’s and had been to see the band play also joined as the bass player. Follow up single ‘Lessons’ (video here: was released in July 2018 and has also been well received. SLACKRR have played numerous shows across the country including supporting Homebound, Miss Vincent, Ducking Punches and Pkew! Pkew! Pkew!


As far as songwriting goes, the band tend to write from personal experience. Scotty says, “A lot of what we write about is based on observation of situations people find themselves in, whether that be friends, family, the music scene we’re involved in and even personal experiences. The songs tend to hopefully be fairly relatable topics that everyone has some experience of whether it’s good times or bad”. The band members grew up listening to pop punk/punk rock, but Scotty says, “We like to take influences from different decades and genres when writing our stuff and that kind of all happened by accident as we’re always listening to so much on the road…thank you, Spotify!” Talking of being on the road, the band are out on tour, starting at the end of October, dates are below. On the subject of festivals, Scotty had this to say, “We have a few that we’re in talks with at the moment, one being a major UK Festival. We can’t say much but we’re really excited and can’t wait!”.

Although we’re getting towards the end of this year, SLACKRR still has a very important goal for the latter part of this year, which is to have their debut album completed and be really happy with what they’ve recorded. The band are due to go into the studio at the end of October with an intended album release date of early 2019. Also, says Scotty, “With the third single coming out we’re really hoping that it is as well received by the people that liked our first 2 releases and hoping it gets in the ears of many new people who may not have heard of us yet. We want to keep on touring into 2019 with the hopes of bigger tours with bigger bands, festivals and getting to play outside of the UK. Just progress as a band and keep building our fan base and keep having fun!”

‘Lights On’ is a lively, upbeat song that belies the subject matter, as it’s loosely based on a friendship or relationship that’s gone sour over time and the eventual realisation of that. Lively thrashing drums and solid bass make up a formidable rhythm section, whilst punchy verses with harmonious lead vocals from Scotty, ably backed by Cait ensure the catchy, danceable tune lingers in the memory. The sing-a-long lyrics are well paced and beautifully in tune plus deft guitar work in the bridge show focussed musicianship. This feel good, fun band are a breath of fresh air and I’m excited to see what their album sounds like!

Band members:-
Scotty Perry - guitar/vocals
Caitlyn Bowyer - bass/vocals
Connor Gardiner - drums

Catch Slackrr at these dates:-
26th October - The Village Pump, Trowbridge
3rd November - Cavern, Exeter (Get Rad Festival)
5th November - The Horns, Watford
16th November - Verve Bar - Leeds
17th November - The Windmill, Ashford, Kent
23rd November - The Carlisle, Hastings
24th November - Concrete Punx, Milton Keynes
30th November - Suburbia, Southampton

Find out more about Slackrr here:-


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