SLIPPERFACE - True Romance (Single)


When I first opened the streaming link to the SLIPPERFACE single, 'True Romance', I wondered for a split second what I was getting into but then the song dropped and it all became clear, this is one of the most interesting new tracks from a new band I've heard in a while.


Slipperface throw some deliciously grungy riffs down in this catchy and bass-heavy indie-rock track, with vocals which are melancholic and broody but never gloomy and far from dull. The pace is great, the attitude almost jovial but not flippant, and the chorus is too damn infectious.


The 3-piece band from the North West describe their sound as “a swash of noise, quiet, loud and melody” but I think this falls short in describing the texture and arrangement, blending classic indie sounds with a few ‘80s pop sensibilities and generating a fresh sound. Chuck in a nice dramatic guitar solo and I'm sold!


Apparently the band got their name from the aftermath of a drunken night out and their influences include Nirvana and The Who. Check them out and listen to this track and also the others available for streaming. I'm excited guys. If you love grunge, indie and alt rock, add this to your list of people you need to look up.



Andy Ryder (bass)

“Spike Lunch” (vocals/guitar)

Ross Greenslade (drums)



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