SOCIAL HYSTERIA - Close My Eyes / Skewed Overrule (Singles)



Canada has always produced some of the best Rock bands past and present with Rush, Nickelback, Arcade Fire to name but a few. It now seems to be throwing more awesomeness at us in the shape of duo Social Hysteria. Their successful debut EP released in 2015 ‘Strange Way of Life’ was met with extensive coverage, hitting playlists in the USA and Portugal and now the duo released their first single on 23rd September 2017.


Formed in 2013 by brothers George and Alex Lopes, they have been working on their music with producer and Finger 11 drummer, Steve Molella and his influence is definitely notable on this new release which also features guest appearances from him and Al Capo (Stuck on Planet Earth) and most notably from Care Failure.  


‘Close My Eyes’ is guitar driven, up tempo, feel good rock. The riffs are rife and the chorus is just how I like it, catchy. George has a great voice, full of melody with a rawness which gives the lyrics some authenticity. It’s a really strong and enjoyable track, very well mixed with a distinct late 90’s feel.


‘Skewed Overrule’ is a completely different sound from ‘Close My Eyes’. More complex with groovy drumming, layers of vocals, the female vocal lead in the shape of Care (Die Mannequin) turns this track into something rather special. Fuzzy guitars, energy filled and pretty epic. SIXX:Am came to mind for the theatrical feel of it and that is certainly no bad thing in my book.


Social Hysteria are like a breath of fresh air, there are so many good bands breaking through and lots of great music but this is something different, a different feel to the sound which makes it very interesting. I hope the guys tour the UK soon and I await their next release with the hope that we get more of the same.


Great job, well done by a couple of guys who know how to make my ears happy.


‘Close My Eyes’ / ‘Skewed Overrule’ is available in digital format, CD format and as a 7” Vinyl through their on-line store.


Social Hysteria are:

George Lopes

Alex Lopes


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