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Spreading the Disease are a UK based four piece band playing a modern style of metal that is both edgy and passionate. This isn’t the kinda music you find on the Spotify ‘Moods’ tab - unless of course, you are hoping to grit your teeth and get serious about your day.


Hailing from Kent, this 2014 brainchild of bassist Steve Saunders is difficult to pigeonhole with originality and authenticity in writing that is notable. There are nods to their influences in Pantera and Machinehead and the musicianship is solid with a tight punch to each track on this, their first album ‘Insurrection’.


Opening track ‘Find My Path’ draws on the tried and tested metal slow build to a massive statement. The pace never runs away but this is a lesson on heavy not having to be fast. Acoustic guitar lends an air of darkness with subtle harmonics drawing the listener to an altogether different experience in ‘Words Unspoken’. This angry track oozes tension with a solid riff-heavy approach underpinned by the double kick drums alternating through changes in the time signature through the song to keep the attention.


‘Dischord’ ensures the global metal audience will always have an air of the evil about their subject matter with Saunders’ achieving a bass tone that definitely wasn’t spawned in Kent. This offering shows the range of the vocals available to the band - moving from raw aggressive vocals to the more melodic. Snyder has a breadth of capability that will be impressive on stage and by all accounts, that’s where these guys flourish.


‘Spreading the Disease’ and the band’s first single ‘Greed’ are strong tracks in the middle of the album with some evocative lyrics to mull over while you tie the laces on your boxing gloves. ‘Greed’ has been a winner in its early days gaining good coverage on SCUZZ TV and rightly so. The album grows again with ‘Save Me’ but takes a different direction with the quality brooding ‘Whores of War’ that is again riff driven with a dystopian story that will send chills through your speakers.


‘Can’t Let Go’ tones everything down at the start and the vocals go in a different direction that are hauntingly delivered with a female backing that holds the melody. We hear a beautifully constructed guitar solo on this track that lifts the track before the acoustic outro takes us back to the politically-charged ‘Brexit Wounds’. This track says a lot about the band’s passion and keeps things fresh and doesn’t shy away from what could arguably split an audience given the current state of affairs in Blighty. There’s no dubiety however as STD proudly proclaim (in as many words) that they don’t care what you think as ‘you won’t make a fool out of me’.


Closing track ‘Last Goodbye’ doesn’t let up and is a straight forward metal song that will be strong on stage and features the strong vocal delivery, quality riffs and industrial strength bass and drums that the album is built on.

This mighty band have just signed to XL Promotions and are working with a US company 434 Management with a view to touring Europe and the USA in 2018. ‘Insurrection’ gives them a solid plate of raw meat to serve live and they will be my recommendation for the live scene in 2018 on passion and sheer balls alone.


Spreading The Disease are:


Connor Russell Snyder - Vocals
Martin Osborne – Guitar and backing vocals
Steve Saunders – Bass and backing vocals
Jack Apella - Drums and percussion


Check them out at:








Find My Path

Words Unspoken


Spreading the Disease


Save Me

Whores of War

Method to My Madness

Can’t Let Go

Brexit Wounds

Last Goodbye

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