STAY YOUNG - Wasted Poetry (Single)


Stay Young is a Bristol-based punk-pop band whose influences include the likes of Nirvana, The Offspring, The Police and Blink 182. The band was previously known as Peter Pan Syndrome when it first formed in 2016, but decided on a change of name to Stay Young in 2017. The band members list Turner, Straight Jacket Legends, Arcane Roots and Deftones as some of the artists they listen to and, aside from music, say they are interested in “food, girls and candle-lit recording studios” Well…that sounds like a winning combination to me!


The single ‘Wasted Poetry’ was released on 28th June 2018 and the band describe it as “a song about moving on from singing the same old bitter love songs we have done many times before”. Stay Young are currently operating as a trio whilst looking to recruit a new drummer.  Lead guitarist Rowan Deverson has found himself back in his former position as drummer for the time being, and on ‘Wasted Poetry’ he played both drums and lead guitar.


I’d class ‘Wasted Poetry’ as a poppy punk/alternative crossover song and it begins with a driving drum beat and thumping bass line. When the jingling guitar riff joins in, my interest is piqued; it’s insanely catchy and has been stuck in my head for the past few days. Vocalist and bass player Billy Glanville has a great voice that really fits this style, the lyrics are clear and he sounds like he means what he’s singing about. The singing lead and rhythm guitars of Adam Brunt and Rowan Deverson sound great, and the rhythm section drives the song along. This is an ideal song for the summer, it’s one for putting in your garden while you’re topping up that tan!


‘Wasted Poetry’ is free to stream/download on the following platforms:-





Band members:-

Adam Brunt - rhythm guitar

Billy Glanville - vocals/bass

Rowan Deverson - drums/lead guitar


Find out more about Stay Young here:-

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