Steal The City - 'Beating Heart' (Single)

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


Formed in 2014, Steal The City have been around the northern live scene for a while, playing festivals and recruiting a solid fan base.  Combining modern metal with harmonious progressive writing,  drawing on modern times and pressures of today’s political landscape in their lyrics,  the Sheffield based 4 piece are due to release their debut track ‘Beating Heart’ on 23rd July.


Crashing drums, melodic riffs, loads of guitars, loads of melody and a wonderful rich tone to a good strong hard rock voice, I have an inkling that these guys really enjoy what they do – fast paced drumming, rumbling bass, and catchy lyrics giving a complete feel to the track with buckets full of energy thrown in for good measure.  Within the first 30 seconds of the track I had decided I liked this track – a really good debut guys!


What strikes me most is the feeling that these are 4 very creative and gifted individuals but with a cohesiveness in their playing.  There’s lots of passion obviously gleaned from numerous live performances giving an experienced edge to this young band which I thoroughly enjoyed. 


I have a feeling that we may just have a band with a very bright and successful future on our hands with Steal The City. 


Steal The City are:

Vocals, Bass – Sam

Guitar – Smit

Guitar – Joe

Drums - Ellis

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