STEAL THE CITY - So, The Thing Is (Single)



Forming in 2014, one of Sheffield's most exciting and hardest working rock bands, Steal The City wasted no time and immediately started writing and perfecting their live set. While individually submerged somewhere in the underground rock scene, they found each other through sharing the same passion, drive and commitment to music. Touring around the North consistently and playing festivals such as Tramlines has seen the band command a loyal following. Steal The City are currently finalising their debut EP, set for release in 2018. The latest single for release is 'So, The Thing Is'.


This is a band I've been meaning to check out for a while - I've no excuse other than life as I'm local to them and we share many friends, through which I have heard they are incredibly hard working and take their craft very seriously; "a fearsome work ethic that belies their self-confessed status as an underground band".


The track starts promisingly - pulsing drums, a heavy bassline, pounding riffs and pleasingly smooth and harmonic vocals. The lyrics seem to be about being told you're with the wrong girl - "My girl is always on my back but I know it won't last cos she's a pain in the arse…everybody says that this bitch ain’t worth my time" - whilst struggling with your desire -  "How many signals do I need, before I find out she's my only disease".


I like the sound of Sam Bantock’s voice, I like the guitar line and I love the bass, which fits solidly with the drum beat. The song is a real ear-worm, an incredibly catchy piece of music that continually repeats through my mind long after it's finished and making me yearn for more. This doesn’t sound like a bunch of young lads from Sheffield in an "underground band". They're good! They remind me a little of Bring Me the Horizon but grittier, and much better.


Well worth a listen. And while you're at it, try some of their other releases too. Like I can afford any more merch… pfft. I love them. 8/10


Band Members:

Sam Bantock - Vocals and Bass

Tom 'Smit' Smith - Guitar

Joe Hanson - Guitar

Ellis Bullement - Drums



Facebook -

Twitter - @StealTheCityUK

Soundcloud -

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