STEELHEART - 'Through Worlds Of Stardust' (Album)

Samantha Lloyd


Steelheart are back with their new album ‘Through Worlds of Stardust’, released on 15th September 2017 on Frontiers Music Slr.  There are 10 tracks spanning a total of 40 minutes of AOR melodic rock.


Steelheart were originally a hair metal band back in the 90s, but they’ve reformed, steered themselves away from the glam scene, and returned with a new more modern sound to their music while still retaining the critical elements that made them so popular. ‘Through Worlds of Stardust’ is a diverse album filled with sultry, melodic hard rock, laden with hooks and gentle emotive lyrics while at times being fiercely aggressive and edgy.


The album kicks off and we screech (literally!) into the first track ‘Stream Line Savings’ with its powerful, vocally diverse and broodingly mature sound that really hits the right spot! It’s a sexy track, ‘If you want me baby, uh uh uh, I will give it to you one more time’. Oh my! We slide nicely into ‘My Dirty Girl’ a rugged, muscular, bouncy song that soothes your senses through the verses but drives the chorus hard and aggressively into your head.


‘Come Inside’ starts with quite a sludgy, dirty sound, almost like it’s lulling you in through the verses before raising the beat for the chorus. ‘My Word’ has an equally brooding and deep rhythm to it. Matijevic’s vocals on this track range from raspy to clear, to aggressive, to gritty. I love how diverse his vocals are as you never really know what to expect.


‘You Got me Twisted’ was released as a single from the album and for me it’s probably one of the strongest songs on the album. As a ballad should it starts with slow and gentle lyrics, accompanied with a piano before plunging you into a more muscular tone with a plaintively raw emotional core that drags you through the emotive vocals, huge choruses and beautifully placed guitar solos. ‘Lips of Rain’ is a soft and elegant ballad. It’s a nostalgic track that seems hauntingly emotional with its meaningful lyrics about losing someone you love. ‘I can’t wait to close my eyes, kiss your lips of rain’. The more you listen to this track the more the heartache hits.


‘With Love We Live Again’ is an acoustic ballad. It’s another raw and deeply meaningful song, ‘Let’s stay in bed and kiss the day away, just crush your lips to mine’. It’s the kind of track you want to listen to on a Sunday morning while you sit snuggled with your partner, chilling on the sofa and just enjoying each other’s company. The vocals are gentle, then strong and passionate and it’s such a beautiful love song.


‘Got me Runnin’ kicks the tempo back up a notch. The beat is constant as if the song is running away from itself. ‘My Freedom’ slows us back down again and settles into another relaxed and easy tune with the occasional flourish of heavy drums and booming guitars. Bringing the album to a close is ‘I’m so in Love With You’. A single piano begins to play as it leads us gently into the lyrics that become fiercely emotional, the piano continuing throughout as the vocals drop off then return with an even rawer edge to them. Such a beautifully crafted song for all those lovers out there.


‘Through Worlds of Stardust’ is an interesting album and not at all what I thought it was going to be. Personally I think the mix of the ballads, which showcase Matijevic’s vocal diversity perfectly, and the more upbeat tracks really make the album interesting and dynamic. Don’t just listen to it once though because once just isn’t enough to fully appreciate what Steelheart have produced with this album.


Track Listing:

Stream Line Savings

My Dirty Girl

Come Inside

My Word

You Got me Twisted

Lips of Rain

With Love We Live Again

Got me Runnin’

My Freedom

I’m so in Love With You


Steelheart are:

Milijenko Matijevic - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, acoustic guitar

Uros Raskovski – Lead guitar

Rev Jones – Bass

Mike Humbert – Drums, percussion


Check them out here:




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