STONE THEORY - Between Your Knees (Single)

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


Stone Theory are a Bristol based hard blues rock band consisting of Jack Delve-Roberts on vocals, Ryan Rhodes, guitar, Kris Griffiths, bass and Temmy Edwards on the drums.  After forming at college, the band have had some great support slots and are making a name for themselves around the live music scene as a band to really sit and listen to.


Their new single ‘Between Your Knees’ is a really stunning hard blues track.  Slow paced and morose in tone but with a simmering, burning heat flickering through the richness of the music. 


Jack has a great voice, melodic, full of dark husky emotion and sexiness in abundance, combine his voice with a smoking hot band and together they sound amazing.  


The track slides somewhere between blues and rock but forges a path in its own direction, a flow of energy and a thud of rhythm running through and sliding in a delicious feeling slow groove. Grimy blues guitar with smouldering riffs and an underlying funk give the track a completeness.  I’m so looking forward to hearing more from these guys, big talent and big potential.


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