StoneWire - When The Crow Flies

Ok so…Where have I been and why have I been depriving myself of such wondrous music?


The background info.. StoneWire are described on their own website as a’ British Rock band with a dirty southern twist’ which is a perfect description.  Throw some blues, country and metal into the mix and you have a real pot of delightfulness.  They have supported Michael Schenker in Sweden and successfully shared the stage with many icons such as Bernie Marsden, Black Star Riders and the Quireboys.


So to the album…


‘Walk the line’ has riffs ripping up a blues laden melodic vocal - what a great opening track hooking you on that line and reeling you through to ‘Favourite Bitch’.  Sky Hunter’s gritty angry tone is perfect for an equally angry lyric.


‘Southern Honey’ –more southern country/blues feel – melodic and treacle rich –we have riffs ripping through from Gaz Annable and Duncan Greenway’s guitars but the whole track feels more relaxed, leading perfectly into ‘When the Crow Flies’, a slower heavy riff ridden blues track, this is simply stunning both musically with singing guitars and vocally… the tone to Sky’s voice is just perfection.


‘Don’t You’, clear vocals ride high through the verses until the chorus fills out with a thickly padded cushion of guitars and hard hitting bass from Steve Briggs.


‘Mama They’ll Never Know’ - that twanging blues guitar opening making you wade into a track that screams its southern blues influences, powerful vocals keep the track interesting and show the power in Sky’s voice. 

‘One Last Time’, a slower tempo and I love the clarity of the guitars which then become grittier as the vocal does, mellowing out to give a mix of emotions, an outstanding track.


‘RiverBlues’ an out and out blues track, I love the bass – pulsing under thudding drums from Rob Glasner, keeping time and allowing those guitar strings to sing out loud and clear. ‘Vamanos’ – back to rock – up tempo – hard edged vocal, classic riffs at appropriate times keeping it interesting.  ‘Winter’s Hold’ another good track – the clarity of the vocal soaring above the music but then interest develops further with changes of feel and tempo within the track. ‘Fix You’, despair in the tone of the guitars heavy with rock going head to head duelling with another bluesy vocal.


I love the whole feel of this album, I wallowed willingly in the gritty dirty guitars and thudding of the skins and got blown away by the vocal.  If you like good music then go have a listen and catch them live.  StoneWire..bloody fantastic…

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