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Stormbringer have just kicked your front door-in with their third album – Born A Dying Breed which was released on 3rd November by Attic Records. A more powerful and anthem-filled production will be hard to find as each track on this high-octane album instantly gets your head nodding....then banging!


Building on the success of their last two albums and a healthy touring pedigree, they are clearly destined for great things. The line up of Jon Paul Quantrill (drums), Dom Wallace (guitars), Darren McCullagh (bass), Jimi Brown (vocals) and Jamie Peters (guitar) are clearly accomplished musicians and know how to write a hook or two. The soaring vocals of Brown remind the listener of Faith No More’s Mike Patton and work well with what can only be described as a power house rhythm section where Quantrill and McCullagh’s foundation on drums and bass is simply momentous. The twin guitars of Wallace and Peters nods to their influences in early 80’s NWOBM and heavier styles reminiscent of the other side of the pond.


The opening track ‘Don’t Trust Me’ blends that power with trademark shouted backing vocals that will work equally well on stage. The in-your-face approach doesn’t come at the expense of a melodic edge with the chorus where Brown’s power and range shines. As opening tracks go – it’s a belter.


This album moves through quality track after track with some interesting twists to keep the material fresh throughout. Did I hear a pinched harmonic in ‘Bleed For’ that Zakk Wylde would be proud of? ‘Pay Your Respects’ doesn’t disappoint either with a Cowboys From Hell-like opening riff that thumps like a harpoon to the chest.


‘Stick To Your Guns’ is upbeat and features a driving guitar solo that works well among the catchy choruses where you can’t help but play air guitar (or drums if that’s your thing!). Again, this is a crowd pleaser and must be in their live set on the tour. Try not to sing along!


The title track to the album takes a different direction initially with a Sambora-esque acoustic intro that will have the listener stomp their cowboy boots. ‘Smother’ lifts the pace again with a tight, punchy and riffy masterpiece that again shows the maturity of this outfit. Bassists will appreciate the bottom end work on ‘Consequence’ where McCullagh loosens the foundations and holds up yet another solid performance with a nice breakdown in the bridge and a wah-laden solo.


With the intro providing a brief flashback to Saxon’s Princess of The Night, the closing track again induces subconscious head nodding, foot stamping and the now obligatory air drumming. Could this be the solo of the album? Feels like it.


There aren’t many acts on the road right now with such a solid album under their belts, never mind three. In fact, not many bands have a mission statement but if you’re gonna have one then this says it all - “to rock as hard as we can, wherever we can and have a good time doing it”.


It’s a big horns up.


Stormbringer Track Listing -


Don’t Trust Me

Bleed For

Pay Your Respects

Through These eyes

Let it Begin

Stick To Your Guns

Dying Breed



Never Again


The band’s website is:


You can like them or even poke them (is that still a thing?) at


Or hashtag the hell out of them at: @UKSTORMBRINGER



Videos from Stormbringer and earlier albums can be viewed on -’


Bleed For:                     

Through These Eyes:  
Bad Blood video:         
Rise video:                     


The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Russ Russell at Parlour Studios and is available at: 

Catch the band on their headline UK tour on –

17th Nov          The Doghouse Nottingham with NUMB 
18th Nov         Athletic Club Rushden with NUMB, Temple Of Lies 
24th Nov        Club 85, Hitchin 
25th Nov –       Asylum Chelmsford with NUMB, FES uk 
1st Dec –           Voodoo Lounge, Stamford with Lewis Speirs, NUMB, BlackHawkDown 
7th Dec –          The Lounge Promotion-Nightclub Kolis London with NUMB 
9th Dec –         The Iron Road Evesham 


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