From the wilds of Scotland, there is a seismic shudder that is shaking the very foundations of music
venues across the land. The cause? A band who pull no punches and who revel in the influences of
their 80s forefathers. Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you Tantrum!


This five piece have been around since 2016 and have made a solid impression on metal lovers with
their steely-eyed commitment and energetic stage performance. The line up of Steve Swanson
(vocals), Steve Waddell (guitar), Stoo Condie (guitar), Ritchie Davison (bass) and the inimitable
Billy Angus (drums) are a tight and powerful unit. Their style is clear to hear and reminds the listener
of early Iron Maiden- played well.


The latest ground shaking statement from these anthemic monsters is the release of their new single
‘NWOBHM’. The title says it all in celebration of all things 80s but it also acknowledges the
resurgence of the genre. Tantrum’s guitar driven melodic approach isn’t played wholly in tribute but
also re-invents this style of metal for a new audience.


‘NWOBHM’ is a fast paced earthquake of a track that starts with a high octane guitar riff and stabbed
drums before unleashing with the rest of the band. Singer Swanson has a frantic red-bull vocal style
with range and energy that sprints along with the powerhouse rhythm section of Angus and Davison.
The strength of this band and the new single is made all the more special by the twin guitars of
Waddell and Condie.


The song employs interesting hooks such as the gang backing vocals and the percussive rise up the
scale to frame the solo. The guitar-swapping in the solo is reminiscent of the mighty Judas Priest and
I’m sure Tipton and Downing would nod approvingly at this delivery. On closer inspection, I’m sure I
could sense the competition between the two in the studio? This is a solid delivery and kicks off an

important year for Tantrum. With slots at Rockmantic and in the Metal 2 the Masses heats in coming

weeks, they will undoubtedly build on what they have achieved so far. As drummer Angus says – (we deliver “anthemic crowd pleasers that you will be singing along to for days”. On the strength of ‘NWOBHM’,

I have to agree.


The single features on the band’s new album ‘Melt it Down’ with a release date yet to be announced.


Keep an eye out for their forthcoming Kickstarter campaign, with pre-orders beginning through here on 5th March!


In the meantime, you can listen to ‘NWOBHM’ and follow the band’s adventures at -

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TantrumScotland
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRsW8UnwWOA
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TantrumScotland
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TantrumScotland

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