TANTRUM - Rough Cuts EP

Naomi Jeremiah


Tantrum, a five piece hard rockin' outfit from the wonderful Scotland, bring you this epic EP 'Rough Cuts', for your listening pleasure. Forming in 2013, from the ashes of two other bands, 'Laserfox' and 'Destroyer' (KISS tribute). So if you like your rock hard and loud; if the awesome influence of 70s/80s rock is too irresistible and calls to you; and if you enjoy feeling like a rebel, then listen up! This EP is for you!


'In Love With Anarchy' is the opening track, and starts with a hard and heavy drum beat akin to fireworks or gun fire, that will certainly wake you up. If it is possible for music to sound anarchist, then this track definitely has that ring to it, so it is aptly named. Adam's vocals are deep, gravelly and in the best possible way brings a shouty sleaziness to the music. Personally, I love this, it adds to the rawness and passion of the music. Chuck in the great guitar solos and unrelenting drum beats and an anthemic song appears through your speakers. I feel I may be 'In Love With Anarchy'!  A great opener for this EP.


'Dirty Little Tease' is packed full of dirty bluesy riffs. I am starting to think of the track titles as actually descriptors to what you will find within. Tantrum, certainly 'Does What It Says On The...Track Title?'. Dirty Little Tease has an original rock n roll sound, and showcases some amazing fretwork. The drumming in this track certainly makes you want to move, Billy smashes the hell out of them. So far I am loving how the vocals work on their tracks, the backing vocals certainly turn the track into an anthem that we can all sing/chant/shout along to, and you can't help but feel that Tantrum encourage it. Yet just as you lose yourself in the lyrics and singing back at the top of your lungs, the music ends. Arrghhh, Tantrum know how to leave you wanting more. Luckily for me, there are three more songs to go.


'All Hail Rock n Roll' is up next, and in comparison to the previous tracks, this has a slower rhythm to it. Still hearing the strong 70s/80s rock influence, Adam growls his way through the lyrics, whilst the drums, bass and guitars grind the rock into your ears. This track still retains the chanting that is the backing vocals, and it's easy to imagine Tantrum on stage in a sweaty gig venue with the crowd chanting back with them. I've yet to see Tantrum live, but hope to really soon. They have toured with the likes of Bonafide, and Diamond Head so far, and it's easy to see why other bands have snapped them up as support.


'Get Off Your Ass!' certainly makes you do just that. I may even confess that it makes you consider donning the double denim. Kicking off with the vocals, before all else explodes into action, you can definitely hear the KISS influence, maybe a touch of Twisted Sister. Although sounding akin to the music of yesteryear, Tantrum take the best parts of that and mix it with a new energy leaving you with fresh, vibrant and kick ass rock n roll.


The final track of the EP bursts through your speakers with an intro of hard hitting guitar and drums. 'Runnin' has a different sound to the previous tracks. The vocals calmer, and almost deeper, bringing a confident epic-ness with them. However all is still familiar with the backing vocal chanting, so fear not, you can still sing/shout along with the guys of Tantrum. These guys have absolutely nailed their specific sound, which truly is music to my ears.


So, a great EP with five fantastic tracks. I encourage you to go check Tantrum out, I have a feeling that these guys bring the party to a live gig. Meanwhile I am going to hit replay, and sing at the top of my lungs!


All Hail Rock n Roll!






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