TAPED LIVE - Seven Sounds EP

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Leo and Saul are Taped Live, a modern blues/rock duo from Glasgow, Seven Sounds is their debut EP, which was released a couple of months ago.  


‘Thin Ice’ opens with twanging guitars and continues with a nice southern blues country feel.  A nice big guitar sound blasting through and it’s a good start to this EP.  ‘Blind as a Bat’ is fast paced with a grimy blues feel; drums really come through on this one and perhaps take over a bit.  ‘Telephone’ has more of that lovely country blues feeling guitar and is a toe-tapping up beat track with a good catchy chorus.


‘Fit for Purpose’ is another catchy little number.  Nice opening, mid-tempo which leads to some more toe-tapping and has a good overall vibe.  Some nice riffs worm their way through too. ‘Pocket Full of Sorrow’ shows a few lovely riffs and is an interesting track.


‘Seven Sounds’ is the title track of the EP and definitely the highlight. Loads of bluesy riffs and good rhythm. It demonstrates the true potential of these guys.  ‘What’s a Boy To Do?’ is a smoother feeling track brings things to a close.


The EP is a promising start from Taped Live.  I’m not 100% on all their tracks as they do feel a little under produced and a couple of the tracks are definitely not as strong as others but it is definitely worthy a listen.  I’d be keen to catch these guys live as their sound has a very live feel to it so I’m sure they would come across well. 


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