Temple Of Lies - The Serial Killer Suite

Samantha Lloyd


Temple Of Lies are a four piece metal/rock band from Leicester, England who formed in 2010 out of a stoner rock project called Anaconda. 'The Serial Killer Suite' (Attic Records) is their third album consisting of 12 tracks totalling 46 minutes of what I anticipated to be a good album of heavy rock / metal. Boy, was I wrong!


I found myself feeling quite apprehensive about this album mainly because this band have been around since 2010 and honestly I haven't heard of them! So I'm already thinking why haven't I heard of them before if they've been around this long? Surely a good band would make its break through within the first few years, right? So, despite my hesitation I pop the first track on and I start listening. Epic Doom kicks off and it's not too bad so I stick with it (which is what I do for most of the tracks if I'm honest). It's not really an album that has me rushing to the rooftops to scream 'I LOVE THIS!' which is a pity because I really want to be able to say 'Go buy this album!'


The best intro of the album comes from I Cut You Bleed which has a great opening guitar riff (Joe Scranney) with immense rhythm which grabs my attention . I'm thinking this could be a serious tune as the vocals of Si Shaw kick in. But, as the song progresses through its 3 minute 45 second slot, I'm waiting patiently for the anticipated hook, the part that should have me doing some serious moshing behind my steering wheel as I drive along, but it never really seems to come and then the song comes to an unnatural and abrupt end without any real crescendo or conclusion!


Symbiotic Parasite has the longest intro of the album at a shocking 1 minute 18 seconds before any vocals kick in. That's not to say I don't enjoy a good instrumental build up to a song as long as the instruments are actually building the song up to something huge. But a huge riff or a crashing vocal display is not offered and I'm left feeling slightly deflated.


Jags on the bass and Alex Gamble on the drums give the album some great rhythm and bass line to tap my toes along to but it feels at times repetitive and predictable and most of the intro's are either too long  or too monotonous while the production seems too heavy laden with drums and not enough rhythm or lead guitar to balance the overall sound. What I find myself craving is a harmony between the vocals and the intruments (which for me only appears in Modus Operandi) and a pleasing melody to catch my attention with the lead guitar jamming out some serious riffage to make me sit up and listen. Unfortunately, for me this album just doesn't have the bite I was looking for from a metal band and I am disappointed to say the least. That's not to say that the band can't go onto be really good in the future, I just think they need to consider more variation in the chord progression, more hooks and more creative and deviant drum beats to really grab more attention with their music.


Track List:


1.       Epic Doom

2.       Illusion of Choice

3.       Broken Mind

4.       Modus Operandi

5.       Skin

6.       I Cut You Bleed

7.       Sleep

8.       Dark Energy

9.       Teeth

10.     Face of Grey

11.      Symbiotic Parasite

12.     Nihilist Dreams



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